UPDATE: The Perfect Dating Site

By Jim Campbell

May 8th, 2017


You must watch the video about Josh and Debora.

If not it’s not likely the reader will understand my twisted wit!

One visit here and it’s say goodbye to Match.com



Being a member of the unconnected who sits in his room playing Sargeant Peppers Lonely Heart’s Band, I finally found what I’ve been looking for, no hassle, just getting to the bottom line.


It’s nice to finally find a place where women can be upfront and tell you what they want.

That’s right there are a ton of them to consider.



Sure, you can talk on the phone, have multiple drive-by shootings as I call coffee or lunch.



Clearly “Who’s Fucking Josh and Debra is the site to visit for guys who want their pencils sharpened or women who just want to experience their eyes rolling around in their head screaming.

“Oh God, Oh God,” to which I stop the action and respond with a baritone, Yes?

Thank’s Josh and Debra you seem like the perfect couple.




2 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Perfect Dating Site

  1. shaking my head….what can I say about that. lololololol


  2. LOL OMG! Im sure we all have a story or 2 to tell! HAHAHA Should send this to my EX!


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