Mayor Asking FBI For Help With Investigating City Crime, Rising Murder Rate


Catherine Pugh, Baltimore’s Mayor has it all wrong.


Not only is her request for the Sheriff’s and ATF, not the agencies she should be dealing with,  It would be more appropriate if she called out Baltimore’s National Guard.

No doubt well-intentioned, she is an American Democratic politician, the 50th and current mayor of Baltimore City, Maryland.


The murder rate is the wrong metric to be focusing.

Advances in medical technology have kept murder rates down. (Source)

The above source is just one of many on this topic. (Source)   (Source)



One might even go as far as suggesting she is well qualified if they are big fans of bloated state government and central planning.

Pugh has been involved in Maryland politics since 1999 when she served on the Baltimore City Council.

She has also held office in the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate, serving as the Majority Leader from 2015 to 2016.

She first ran for Baltimore City mayor in 2011 and lost the primary to Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. (Source)


Pugh then won the mayoral election on November 8, 2016, with 57% of the popular vote, and took office on December 6, 2016.

She is Baltimore’s third consecutive female mayor.

Baltimore has not had a Republican may since 1947.

Mayors in the Ten most violent cities in America would do well to sever all ties with the like of Dianne Feinstein, Hillary and the rest of the anti-Second Amendment cabal.

Can they be is ignorant as to believe the hollow gesture of putting up gun free zone signs does anything more than embolden would-be thugs, stalkers, and murderers?

FBI’s Released a List of the 10 Most Violent Cities in the US And They All Have One Thing in Common (Source)

The real kicker is that these ill-informed fools continue to do everything in their power to prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their loved ones. 

According to the Department of Justice’s own data, as gun sales soar, gun crimes plummet. (Source)

Firearm Violence between 1993, and 2001 (Source)



Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp Massacre Survivor Tells Senate:” I’m Not a Victim of Guns, But of Lawmakers Who ‘Legislated Me Out of the Right to Protect Myself and My Family.”(Source)

We Democrat legislators persuaded by her testimony under oath as well as other testifying at this hearing?

That was clearly a rhetorical question as far as the know-nothing leftists’ fools are concerned it has been pedal to the metal to make it as difficult as possible to purchase guns and ammunition as well as legally carry them.

Dr. Suzanna Hupp became a case study in gun control after testifying in front of Congress as a survivor of the 1991 “Luby” massacre in Texas where both of her parents were killed. 

On Monday, more than a decade later, she spoke once more on the issue, examining it through the lens of the debate currently gripping the nation.

It may be a significant reach to suggest that democrat legislators would read facts that conflict with their diametrically opposes opinions.

This is the primary reason that crime is up in the United States Cities; their politicians don’t give a damn.

Now here’s an opportunity for the reader to vote.

Do you feel safer with an individual who has taken the courses and studied gun law to carry a concealed weapon or would you prefer being disarmed and allowing potential murders with their illegal “Saturday Night Specials,” control the streets?

Please vote with your comments below.



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