University Of Nevada Renames Vito Corleone School Of Business Following Latest Accusations Against Benefactor School Of Business Following Latest Accusations Against Benefactor

RENO, NV—Saying any suggestion of criminal activity was incompatible with the school’s values, the University of Nevada announced Tuesday that it will rename the Vito Corleone School of Business in the wake of accusations against the benefactor, the late Michael Corleone.





“While we will forever be grateful to the Corleone family for more than 60 years of generous support, we cannot allow our institution to remain in the shadow of these allegations,” said University of Nevada president Marc Johnson, who acted in response to widespread community pressure following newly uncovered evidence that Corleone, the heir to the Genco Pura Olive Oil fortune, was involved in money laundering, bribery of state officials, and the 1955 disappearance of Manhattan bookkeeper Carlo Rizzi.


“This is indeed a sad day for the community as we must cut ties with a family that has provided so much for our university, including the recent expansion of Sonny Field and the continued funding of the Peter Clemenza Endowed Chair in Neuroscience.


However, we believe this action is in the best interest of our university, and we wish the Corleone family the best in their future endeavors.”


The God Father entire movie below.


Sources confirmed that the decision to part ways with the school’s largest donor comes at a time when it is already struggling with the substantial spending cuts that were the cornerstone of the latest budget signed by Governor Pat Geary Jr.
Vito Corleone was a very special kind of guy.


Back in the day if you needed a colonoscopy with anesthesia, he performed one without it using a jackhammer.










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