UPDATE: More on the United Airlines Flight Attendant Who Went Nuts

Forget about flying the so-called, “Friendly Sky’s with United.”





It’s time for future travelers to boycott any of their flights in the future.

Apparently, they have taken their role a bit to seriously, though in the fine print they have the right to conduct this Gestapo-like behavior.

It’s time for the FAA to step in and ban over booking which would end such dire consequences.


I can’t take full credit for this but I did assert in an earlier post that I was searching for images of ‘love dolls’ but only in support of a breaking story I knew was coming.

Because I’m a team player, that’s why. 

O.K. that can’t possibly be true. HA!


Enough with the Third Reich Gestapo tactics being used by United Airlines.

The fool should have had enough common sense to attempt to get between a mother and her two babies.


Just look at the mothers eyes?  He is very lucky she didn’t rip his eyes out!

For its part, United has been very protective of the flight attendants name.

They have said he has been put on leave, should be fired but he has his union protecting his sorry ass.

National Public Radio


See the entire article below. Believe it or not, it gets better.





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