Thoughts on the Wonders of Science

By Jim Campbell

April 23, 2016



Bill Nye the former science guy makes some excellent comments below.

Amazingly he left out E=M=MC2, concentrated H2 SO4, Concentrated Sulfuric acid(For those who flunked high school chemistry and of course the Pythagoras theorem  A2+B2=C2

I once found this very useful using a tape measure to make a softball diamond where the bag pegs had been removed and we needed to draw chalk lines.

If you didn’t know about Pythagoras, no problem, you likely failed geometry 1 and 2 in high school as well.




Perhaps this guy has never been as sharp as he thought.

His nonsense on “So-Called, Man Caused Global Warming is not only wrong it’s as deplorable as Hillary Clinton.




One thought on “Thoughts on the Wonders of Science

  1. Personally I always liked Don Herbert a.k.a. Mr. Wizard way better than Bill Nye.


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