What the hell just happened?

By Jim Campbell


April 18, 2017


It’s called no more politics as usual.

No more politicians who fail to get with the program.


Trump’s plans, in spite of obstructionist progressives, are putting people back to work again, just as he promised.  (Source)


President Trump mocks Chuckie Schumer for fake tears.

Schumer makes plans to stop President Trump. (Source)

In order to shrink the size of a bloated Federal Government, many of its employees will be terminated. (Source)


Have fun working in an environment where performance on the job counts.


Meanwhile at the Federal Government Employment Office.

Our Motto: “We only hire the best and the brightest.”

Footnote: We get extra points if you are black!






13 thoughts on “What the hell just happened?

  1. Demonuts are deaf. We are the Human race. I say that, but demonuts cannot hear that.

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  3. I think it has something to do with the a$$. (killing myself with dry humor, lol)

    So, I have read that the Murdoch boys are letting O’Reilly go—more like fired. Sick of the progressive media. Come on Breitbart—I bet they would do really well in the cable market.


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