Kim Jong Un Surprises World With New Weapons That Puts The U.S. On Edge


It’s time for the U.S. to quit playing 3-dimensional chess with this lunatic and bring in the rail guns.
The Electromagnetic Railgun is a long-range weapon that fires projectiles using electricity instead of chemical propellants.


April 16, 2016



Of course, we have to take the Norks’ word that the weapons are truly functional and not just empty shells, only good for a parade.


asian unrest

Because we’ve seen them do it before.

Ominous looking mobile missiles that appear to have intercontinental range but are shown to be cleverly constructed bamboo and rice paper replicas.

The deep rumbling sounds of the engines are hauntingly realistic as performed by the assigned song teams from the Disabled Veterans of the Women’s Army Corps.

The only actual drive chains are cyclists secured to the lightweight shell of the vehicle.

This could quite easily be the case with the Wienermobile.

Time will tell.



Magnetic fields created by high electrical currents accelerate a sliding metal conductor, or armature, between two rails to launch projectiles at 4,500 mph.
Their amazing ability to shoot the projectile well over 100 miles at mach-7, seven times the speed of sound, is demonstrated below.


NORTH KOREA launches missile just before US vice president arrives in KOREA

South Korean and American troops say North Korea launches missiles near Sinpo on the east coast today but fails.



“North Korea launched an unidentified missile from the area near Sinpo this morning but it is thought to have failed,” the Korea General Staff Office said in a statement, according to Reuters.

The missile was launched from Sinpo Harbor on the east coast – the Korean submarine base, the US Pacific Command said. “The rocket exploded almost immediately,” Dave Benham, a spokesman for the agency, said, adding that they were defining the type of rocket launched.

The missile launches at 21:21 GMT on April 15, hours before Vice President Mike Pence plans to visit South Korea, a move his aides say shows US commitment to allies in the context of growing tension with North Korea’s weapons program.

Had the missile not crashed and burned immediately after launch, the U.S. had assets in the area and would have certainly shot it down.

Ensuring his place among the “Madmen,” of the world, Un’s actions have put the U.S. in the situation when Cuba’s madman and dictator allowed the Soviet Union to place missiles in Cuba. 

See complete declassified video on the Cuban Missile Crisis here.




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