Judge OKs genderless designation

In Henry the VI part II William Shakespear wrote: “Kill all the Lawyers.”


Life would have certainly been less complicated if we had followed his advice.


Perhaps it would do the country well to follow Shakespeare’s advice and take out the the left-wing judges who believe it is their right to adjudicate from the bench so we can stop this malarkey.

Trying with every ounce of muscle in mu body I always try to remain politically correct.

Well, O.K. not so much, make that ever. 

 Multnomah Region Judge Amy Holmes Hehn (pictured) granted a petition allowing Tanker Abbatiello to go from man to ‘agender’ and switch in order to the single name Patch

A Portland student is among the most first person within the US to be specified ‘genderless’.

Multnomah County Judge Amy Holmes Hehn granted a request on March 10 allowing Tanker Abbatiello to go from man to ‘agender’ and switch in order to the single name Patch.

                                                            Hillary always wore the pants we didn’t know about Bill wearing dresses.


Charlie Butts, 
April 8, 2017

An Oregon judge has issued a ruling that is contrary to biological science.

An Oregon County Court has granted a Portland resident’s request to be designated “genderless.” The 27-year-old video game designer has been granted the right to change his name to “Patch,” only one name, and to be designated as “agender,” meaning no gender.

Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Gary McCaleb says the ruling reflects “a further confusion of the law with a very misguided concept of gender identity.” (Source)

“The government and civil society have legitimate reasons to recognize people as male or female,” says the attorney, “and it’s been very obvious in our litigation over privacy in public schools where professed transgender students are seeking access and, as a result, intermingling the sexes.”

The issue of privacy and safety comes into play even in connection with the Oregon man who wants to be no gender.

McCaleb says, “[In today’s culture], when you hear the word ‘gender’ it doesn’t mean sex, it doesn’t mean male/female.

Gender means what I think I am, what I perceive myself to be – and now, as you see with this court in Oregon, [Patch is] commanding all of society to adhere to and affirm a personal, subjective perception.”

“America is a nation of laws,” McCaleb tells OneNewsNow, “It’s not a nation governed by personal perception. So the ruling by the judge is a troubling development.”




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8 Responses to Judge OKs genderless designation

  1. malenurseken says:

    So damn stupid already! This BS thinking is going to be downfall of AMERICA and SOCIETY! Put us back in Dark Ages! So if someone says they are a horse, chicken, dog…….we have to respect that and agree???? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN OR BECOME LAW!!!!


  2. JAFC says:

    Amongst the current crop of Millennials it’s the women who generally have more Cajones than the men. So I suppose there’s a logic, however twisted, to all this.


  3. fuzzysdad01 says:

    We are heading down the path to total destruction.
    Hello Roman Empire here comes America

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  4. malenurseken says:

    Yes fuzzy! And the Grecian empire before Rome, (which FELL cuz of immorality! ) and the medes and Persians before Greece, and BABYLON before that! Look out world! Here comes….


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