By Jim Campbell

April 3, 2017


During Obama’s administration where there were two attorney generals told not to respect the rule of law, we knew we were not getting the full story.


Hillary Clinton’s narrative that it was a video that caused what we now know as Benghazi, stunk worse than here over worn pantsuits.

It’s time for Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama to have their asses put before a grand jury. 


Can you spell burnt toast?

Hillary has dodged the letter of the law with the same deftness she used in dodging gunfire on the tarmac in Bosnia.

To accomplish this would be a rather simple affair.

Offer the first to testify total immunity in exchange for information that will lead to death by hanging or life in prison plus one day with no possibility of pardon or parole.


Susan Rice Intel interest started in July and spiked after the election (Source)

President Trump has promised us to be “The Law and Order President.”

Failure to bring these yet to be sentenced criminals would mean that Trump’s words are hollow.

Something that many in his party have been concerned!




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