UPDATE: What happened to Joe Biden?

By Jim Campbell

April 1, 2017


Trigger alert:



This has a  sad ending, similar to Ol’ Yeller, except Ol’ Yeller wasn’t a complete disaster as a vice-president.

Remember, Ol’ Yeller died of Rabies.

Predictably, Biden will die of some self-inflicted act, like below.

Biden’s principle purpose as vice president was Obama’s life insurance policy.




Of course, dogs can run for president or vice president, Obama proved that.

We checked in on old Uncle Joe because we read that he’s been having regrets that he chose to opt out of the 2016 presidential contest.

So do we!


He should have never given up his advice on buying shotguns.

Like most Drill Instructors, he could care less about Joe, he returned, and know Joe won’t.

Of course, a great white got him, too bad Hillary wasn’t his diving partner.


H/T to Earl for all images!




One thought on “UPDATE: What happened to Joe Biden?

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