Gowdy shuts down Schumer’s call to remove House Intelligence chairman: ‘We’re not going to take advice from Chuck Schumer’

Senator Chuck Schumer’s obstruction and “Hitman” tactics have gone far beyond normal political infighting.

They have reached the point of obsession.



An alternative suggestion would be rather than removing Devin Nunes, to remove Chuck Schumer, enough with his partisan attack dog tactics.

The best place to put Schumer would be in a padded cell in solitary confinement!

The Fox News Insider


March 28, 2017


Rep. Trey Gowdy had a bit of bad news for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is demanding that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes be removed from his post.

“We’re not going to take advice from Chuck Schumer on who our chairman should be,” Gowdy said Monday on Fox News’ “First 100 Days.”

Nunes is under fire by perpetually offended Democrats after meeting with intelligence sources on White House grounds to views reports on a secure computer network.



Reports that showed the “incidental collection” of communications from members of Donald Trump’s transition team, possibly including Trump himself. Surveillance that had nothing to do with Russia.

The California Republican later met with President Trump to inform him of what he discovered.




 Schumer, when not accosting Trump supporters on New York City sidewalks, now questions whether Nunes can conduct a fair investigation.

“I just love it when Senator Schumer gives Republicans advice on what we ought to do,” Gowdy told host Martha MacCallum. “Devin is doing exactly what the chairman ought to do.”

He said Nunes handled the information safely and securely.

“I wish Senator Schumer and some of the other Democrats would be interested in the authenticity and reliability of the underlying data and not the means by which it was acquired,” Gowdy said.

The former South Carolina prosecutor said Congress is “in a really strange place” if the House intelligence committee chairman cannot update the commander-in-chief on information regarding U.S. surveillance programs.




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