Trump wins over Republican Study Committee members on healthcare bill

This in spite of Paul Ryan being caught on audio saying he could never trust Donald J.Trumpm “Never Ever.”


President Trump has gone on record as saying the remnants of Obama should be fixed immediately as he sees no need for patients to suffer. (Source)


Note how he slithers into telling those on the call, “Do what’s good for your own situation.

Of course, he never suggested the do what’s best for their constituents.

That’s why the are called RINO’s

Well now, we have it in the clip below by Martha MacCallum.



The Washington Examiner

By Gabby Morrongiello

March 17, 2017



Supporters can expect passage in April, but critics not sold.

Clearly they will be seen as obstructionist at the upcoming polls a pay dearly (Source)

“This is a work in progress,” Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Tuesday of the new House GOP health care proposal.

President Trump said Friday that he has convinced members of the Republican Study Committee to support legislation that would start chipping away at Obamacare, after a meeting in which a congressional aide said the White House offered flexibility on Medicaid to secure their support.

Paul Ryan receives a plate of uncooked crow from Martha MacCallum

“I want everyone to know that every single person in this room is now a ‘yes,'” Trump said during his meeting with more than a dozen RSC members.

The full RSC includes over 170 members of the House.

But the Freedom Caucus, a smaller group of House conservatives still large enough to kill the bill, said it was still opposed to the legislation.

The president noted that “certain changes” were made to court the 13 conservative lawmakers who met with him on Friday, while declaring that Obamacare is now a “dead healthcare plan.”

A House GOP leadership aide told the Washington Examiner that the purpose of the White House meeting was to “close the deal” with conservative holdouts who have expressed worries about the replacement legislation. Many believe the current bill fails to erase key elements of Obamacare that Republicans campaigned against and should include a provision that allows for interstate insurance sales

To assuage the group of House conservatives, the aide said Trump offered states a new option on Medicaid. Under the current House bill, Medicaid would transition to a program in which states are given a fixed sum of money per beneficiary, but under the compromise offered by Trump, states would have the additional choice of receiving a lump sum block grant instead.


The proposed compromise would also add incentives that will boost the likelihood that states will adopt a work requirement for Medicaid.

Both provisions would be included in the “manager’s amendment” that Ryan and the White House are currently working on.

“The work requirement is something they were pushing for and it sounds like it is something that worked” to get the RSC’s support, the aide said, adding that GOP leadership was initially “resistant to the changes because of the potential effect on moderate Republicans.”

“We were originally concerned about this work requirement provision because it could lose us some votes, but I think we are in a better place now.”

Also from the Washington Examiner
Trump also reiterated that he is completely behind the House Republican leadership effort to start chipping away at Obamacare through the budget reconciliation bill, despite reports that there is fighting within the GOP ranks over the legislation.
“I want everyone to know, I’m 100 percent behind this,” he said in the meeting.
“I want everybody to know that the press has not been speaking properly about how great this is going to be.”


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