Unlike the last “First Lady,” Melania will never be mistaken for a gorilla or a hypotomus

Who gave Rachael Maddow Donald Trump’s tax returns in the first place?

It is far more likely that Moochell, seen below would more likely show up at any given time as a….




Only the “Shadow Knows.


For the sake of argument, with regards to recent presidential history with J.F.K. bedding down Marilin Monroe in the White House, what difference would it make?

Clearly too classy, but what if she became bored and wanted her own business? 😉

Last night, on the broadcast that will be remembered as MSNBC’s Trump Tax Return Debacle, a panelist became another to suggest that there was another entry the First Lady could add to her resume.

Speaking on a panel with fellow moderator and amateur enrolled agent Rachel Maddow and David Cay Johnson, as they scoured over every entry of two pages of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return, Lawrence O’Donnell noted that showed “wages and salary income, which is unusual for someone in his [Trump’s] case.”

 Johnson, the source of this “scoop”, then attempted to explain that was because Melania Trump was also on the return and that she did do very sleazy porn.

“It could be hers,” Johnston offered. “His wife was a model.”

“Right,” O’Donnell responded. “She’s on here, but she was never at that league.”

Johnson then continued to say that she did “very sleazy porn” before Maddow interrupted him. Unfortunately, Johnson did not have the opportunity to explain further. As one can see on the video of the exchange published by the Daily Caller, O’Donnell and Maddow did not share my curiosity.

Clearly, the two – who thought Trump paying $38 million in taxes on $150 million in income in 2005 was going to be earth-shattering news – did not find the “revelation” that the FLOTUS did sleazy porn the least bit interesting. In fact, Maddow can be heard giving a warning “hey hey hey” to Johnson to get him to drop the topic.

Why? Let’s not forget that the FLOTUS has lawyers, and she is not afraid to use them. (Source)

She used them to squash an unknown blogger who made such an allegation about her.




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One Response to Unlike the last “First Lady,” Melania will never be mistaken for a gorilla or a hypotomus

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    We have a gorgeous First Lady, who is pure Class. People comment on her language skills however, I remind them that, English, is not the official language. (/Raspberries-Bronx Cheer)


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