Hawaii Federal judge blocks new Trump travel ban with no authority

Standing, or locus standi, is capacity of a party to bring suit in court. State laws define standing. At the heart of these statutes is the requirement that plaintiffs have sustained or will sustain direct injury or harm and that this harm is redressable.


At the Federal level, legal actions cannot be brought simply on the ground that an individual or group is displeased with a government action or law. (Source)



Hawaii’s US District Judge Derrick Watson had no standing but represents another example of a progressive judge who prefers to adjudicate from the bench.

Hawaii is a nice place to visit, a horrible place to live, I’ve done both and is truly a socialist state.(Source)

Perhaps Judge Watson would like to see a second Pearl Harbor?


Jihad Watch

By Robert Spencer

Mar. 16, 2017

The first ban was blocked by a ruling that didn’t even mention the relevant statute giving the President the authority to restrict immigration. It isn’t clear yet whether or not this block discusses that law. Activist judges with no regard for the safety of the American people are legislating from the bench with complete indifference […]

Trump could care less.



Federal judge blocks new Trump travel ban,” by Laura Jarrett, CNN, March 15, 2017:

(CNN)A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Donald Trump’s new travel ban on Wednesday afternoon, hours before the ban was set to go into effect.

This ruling means that travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and refugees will be able to travel to the US.

The Trump administration took over a month to rewrite the travel ban order after multiple federal courts blocked its implementation last month….

Despite this changes, US District Court Judge Derrick Watson concluded that the new executive order still failed to pass legal muster.




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