Did Joe Friday and Frank Gannon have a crystal ball?


By  Jim Campbell

March 15, 2017


They nailed today 50 years ago.

They didn’t foresee the Marxist, communist professors on college campuses brainwashing students.

Of course, now the lying to students begins at a far earlier age.



“LOS ANGELES: Jack Webb (R) now producing, directing, and starring in Universal TV’s ‘Dragnet 1966’ receives his old police revolver and badge 714 from Los Angeles Police Chief William H. Parker. In 1958 when Webb stopped production of his ‘Dragnet’ series, he turned his revolver and badge over to Parker.


That’s right, while prayer has been outlawed in schools, the wonders, peace, tolerance and love are taught to 9th-grade students in many schools in the U.S.

Islam is a totalitarian cult of death and little more.





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