New York To Scrap Literacy Test For Teachers Because Too Many Are To Stupid To Pass Test

Okay, it may just be me, but if you can’t read at an adult level, why the hell do they think the candidates who teach children have any place in a classroom?
WARNING! You can’t make this stuff up.

Leaders of the education reform movement have complained for years about the caliber of students entering education schools and the quality of the instruction they receive there.

Watch attorney’s for the teacher’s unions to attempt to make this a racism issue ignoring reality which is an everyday experience among the progressive left.

New York Continues to Circle the Drain in the Name of Diversity

(AP) – New York education officials are poised to scrap a test designed to measure the reading and writing skills of people trying to become teachers, in part because an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic candidates were failing it.

The state Board of Regents on Monday is expected Monday to adopt a task force’s recommendation of eliminating the literacy exam, known as the Academic Literacy Skills Test.

Backers of the test say eliminating it could put weak teachers in classrooms.

Critics of the examination said it is redundant and a poor predictor of who will succeed

The Associated Press

          The Federalist


          March 14, 2017


A December 2016 study by the National Council on Teacher Quality found that 44 percent of the teacher preparation programs it surveyed accepted students from the bottom half of their high school classes.

“We want high standards, without a doubt. Not every given test is going to get us there,” said Leslie Soodak, a professor of education at Pace University who served on the task force that examined the state’s teacher certification tests.

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,” Soodak said.

And, therein lies the problem.
Too many of those white teachers.

Kate Walsh, the president of National Council on Teacher Quality, which pushes for higher standards for teachers, said that blacks and Latinos don’t score as well as whites on the literacy test.

 “There’s not a test in the country that doesn’t have disproportionate performance for blacks and Latinos.”

Ian Rosenblum, the executive director of the New York office of the Education Trust, a nonprofit that advocates for high achievement for all students, called the teacher literacy test “a 12th grade-level assessment” – something a high school senior should be able to pass. 

Yeah, let’s lower the standards for teacher qualification.

That will Make America Great Again.
Yeah, that’s the ticket!


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One Response to New York To Scrap Literacy Test For Teachers Because Too Many Are To Stupid To Pass Test

  1. With all due apologies, there are a few fallacies in this one…in order to even be considered for the Teachers Education Program, one must have at least a 2.9 GPA and maintain that GPA or above. I know…because I was part of that program and unfort. due to all the stupid regulations that one must pass to become a NY state teacher, I dropped out of that certain program…I simply could not afford the thousands of dollars for all the licenses and exams (and with Cuomo constantly changing the rules and regulations, its ridiculous, truly it is). That is the real crux of the issue—the MONEY…not whether or not we can read or write—but the darn right expensiveness of becoming a teacher. I decided within the last 6 months to go for a straight History degree with a minor in International Relations/Global Studies, there is more than one way to skin that expensive cat, just saying. Besides, I don’t agree with the Unions…to many war stories with that.


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