Hidden Camera Hilariously Exposes Hypocrisy of “Gay Privilege!”

Heads up, if you are not occasionally offended by some of my offerings you likely don’t belong here, move along.


Oh oh, we are about to take you to the outer limits of the Twilight Zone.

My Goal:  To be and equal opportunity offender!

Please don’t allow the title of this piece offend you.

Crowder and his side kick attempt to say outrageous things to women, while Crowder plays the straight guy and his friend plays the role of a gay.

It’s all in good fun while apparently attempting to make their points.

Speaking of points”



Louder with Crowder


By Courtney Kirchoff ( A lady with a sense of humor and perspective)


March 12, 2017

Once upon a time, a resentful, angry woman of the lesbian persuasion coined the term “cis-male privilege” to excuse the majority of her personal and professional failings.


Seven hundred and fifty million rebuttals later, Steven Crowder and Not Gay Jared proved once and for all that actually, gays have all the privilege fun. (Source)

Do not try this at home. But if you do, get it on camera!



Because while some of these women were good sports about Steven hitting on them in ways one can only describe as Creepy Frat Guy Loses a Bet (proof that not all women are shrieking, man-hating feminists), many of these ladies were two ticks short of a full on slap-attack.Which, as Steven points out, would’ve been deserved.

 Let this video be the definitive, conversational ending point you can employ in any and all arguments surrounding “cis-male privilege” and the alleged gay victims which get caught in its vortex.

 Gay men get all the love, tolerance, and sympathy.

They get caught in its vortex.

Gay men get all the love, tolerance, and sympathy.

So when schools and municipalities claim gays and transgenders are getting bullied, show them this video. (Source) Then inquire as to whom is engaging in all this bullying. Curious minds want proof.




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4 Responses to Hidden Camera Hilariously Exposes Hypocrisy of “Gay Privilege!”

  1. God looks at the heart. Quran followers have the coldest darkest hearts of all. You know what they do to people who go by the name gay. Quran followers don’t see the heart. They that don’t see the heart are they that laugh when they tear it apart.


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  3. Muslims are they that are offended by everything. People need to love others. Loving the gay is loving yourself. Gays are not ungodly. Ungodly people will not love others even as they want to be loved. Muslims, Sufis, Quran followers of all names are not godly. They don’t know what love is.


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