Learn to Defend Yourself and Your Family Right Here, Right Now…Free Counter Terrorism, Travel Security & Tactical Training Booklets…

Today. with all the hatred and up evil in the world, if one chooses to travel abroad or even to the supermarket, can you have enough knowledge about self protection and ultimately going offensive to put evil down?

The booklets here will offer the reader some very quick advice on minimizing their chances of becoming victims.


Free Counter Terrorism, Travel Security & Tactical Training Booklets


 We are offering a choice of free kidnap prevention, counter terrorism, travel security & tactical training booklets.

Sadly, we regularly encounter reports from clients and in the media of street crime, violence, kidnappings, and acts of terrorism where casualties and security issues could have been minimized by taking simple security precautions and procedures.

At Risks Inc. we understand the impact of crime on people and the human cost, so if our booklets can help prevent one crime and keep just one person safe, then we have achieved our goal!

We believe everyone should be security aware and have access to solid information on how to protect themselves, their families and assets.

We also understand that there are many people who work or live in potentially hostile environments or under security threats and don’t have access to, or can afford professional training.

Everyone may not have the time or inclination to study a martial art, in the video below, Krav Maga.

The information in the below free kidnap prevention, counter terrorism, travel security & tactical training booklets is drawn from our training manuals and articles, and is what we teach on our courses, so you are getting the real deal.

We hope these booklets can assist you in being aware of potential security threats, able to formulate reasonable procedures and responses to hostile incidents for you and your family.

Some of the information in the booklets is aimed at those working in hostile environments and conflict zones, the base information is still applicable to everyone, just adapt it to your resources and situations.

For further reading in addition to these free booklets there is a link to my published books at the top of this page.

We understand that other security professionals and instructors will be reading and using our free booklets for training, that’s is fine, all we ask is that we are given the professional courtesy of credit where credit is due.

Stay safe!

Orlando Wilson

Risks Incorporated

Free Counter Terrorism, Travel Security & Tactical Training Booklets

Click on the below tiles to open the PDF.

Personal Security

Travel Security

See the entire list below.


Kidnap & Ransom

Counter Terrorism

Tactical Training & Firearms

If you have any questions then please let us know! Risks Inc. supplies a full range of travel security, hostile environment training and international security & bodyguard services.

More Self-Defense…HERE…and HERE




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