Wha Dis? Democrat Representatives Cummings and Welch Meet With President Trump…

Behold, below I have put together with a little help from my friend, the dumbest of the dumb including “The Reverend, Al Sharpton getting knocked on his ass by Roy Ennis in what was to be a conversation.


Profound evidence with some blacks, they can be taken from the jungle, but the jungle can’t be taken out of them.

As for Nancy Pelosi being dumb, she takes dumbness to a truly different dimension, no sourcing is required.


The Last Refuge


Put this in the ‘things you won’t see on CNN’ file: Trying to keep their resistant bona fides Democrat Representatives Elijah Cummings and Peter Welch emerge from a meeting with, with, with the bad man, President Trump, seemingly infected with r-r-r-respect.

Aiieeeee… resist we much, and we much, about this, be committed.

Pelosi desperately shouting: “stay away from the light… don’t walk toward the light”… oh no, the swamp, they’re, they’re walking the-wrong-way…  OMG.  “Curse You Villain !!”

Elijah Cummings obviously having a hard time shaking it off.  It took him a few minutes to gather back his oppositional composure:


“Curse you Villain”

WHITE HOUSE –Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump met with Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in the Oval Office to discuss rising prescription drug prices.

This meeting was a result of a January telephone conversation, during which Congressman Cummings said that he and the President, “had more in common than differences.”

Cummings is clearly delusional in the video below on his assertion that this is America’s number one problem.

Write your bill, present it only to find it D.O.A.

Trump can’t be serious, sure he may have talked about it, but he’s not one to kill innovation particularly in the drug industry because the alleged high price of pharmaceuticals does not factor into the medical system the costs if the medicines weren’t available.


President Trump expressed his desire to work with Congressman Cummings in a bipartisan fashion to ensure prescription drug prices are more affordable for all Americans, especially those who need lifesaving prescription medications. Reforming the Food and Drug Administration and reducing the regulatory burdens on drug manufacturers to enhance competition will help carry out those goals.



President Trump also offered his condolences to Congressman Cummings and his longtime staffer, Katie Malone, who lost six of her children in January in a tragic house fire. (Source)




6 thoughts on “Wha Dis? Democrat Representatives Cummings and Welch Meet With President Trump…

  1. This only goes to prove there are some redeemable dems among the pack. Some who are willing to take a moment and see what all us deplorables are so excited about and willing to fight for in our President. As for Mr. Trump, they can cook him but they can’t eat him and he will walk tall for the next 8 years to come! When he is ready to step down from the office he so rightly won and deserves, our America will be the America we love again with years of judicial strength to carry us through hard times. I believe he will win the minds and hearts of many more of the Senate and Congress and the country will unite behind him as they watch him turn this country into the respected home of the free once again. He will make us proud to be Americans once again! Hail to the Chief!
    And then there will always be the Nancy’s and Hillary’s to bring us humor!


    • Thank’s, another excellent one, I can see moderate Democrats crossing over, if not in name but with their votes. Trump can’t be cooked, each day he and is team grow stronger, by surprise, doing what he said he would do.

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      • Jim, My husbands uncle was the auditor and treasurer of Trumbull County here in Ohio for many years. He was a staunch Demoncrat. (Yes I meant to spell it that way loll) He has not, to my knowledge, changed his party on his voting record but he is not with them in heart anymore. He hates Obamination and most of the people in that party. He definitely hates what they stand for and their core beliefs today. The Demoncratio party is coming unglued and I believe will cease to exist much longer To that I say goodbye to a terrible organization! If you know anything about Ohio you know Trumbull County is all Demoncratic and why.And no he was not part of any of that. We are Irish German. LOL! Sue


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