Elsewhere, in the Real World……Joe Biden Looks for a Real Job

By Jim Campbell.

March 7, 2017





Unemployed and not qualified enough to be a Wal-mart greeter, Joe Biden aimlessly wanders parking lots taking selfies with terrified local residents.

Alternatively, he could give advice on the advantages of using a shotgun over a semi-automatic rifle.

Bowling allies have had automatic pin setters since the early 50’s, that’s out.

Biden making plans to go completely legit after vice presidency.



Saying he needed to turn his life around before “ending up in deep shit,” outgoing Vice President Joe Biden was reportedly hatching plans Friday to go completely legit now that his term in office has concluded.




Biden, who longtime aides confirmed had made numerous phone calls inquiring about good, honest minimum-wage jobs, vowed to cease taking part in a variety of scams and petty crimes and move far away from the nation’s capital, where he believed he could finally make something of himself and become a productive member of society.


Ringling Brother’s Barnum and Baily circus has shut down,

Biden can’t  even get a job as a clown talking with a shoe in his mouth.


What’s the guy to do?









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