BREAKING: House unveils Obamacare replacement

President Donald J Trump said earlier last week that he could just let Obama Care implode upon itself.


States are refusing to accept it, physicians are refusing to treat patients, the costs have gotten clearly out of hand

It was once called the “Affordable Health Care Act.”

It no longer is, premiums are so high patients are stuck.

Obama never told us exactly how badly it hurt.

The entire program was a lie passed in the darkness using bribe and kickbacks without a single Republican vote.

And the progressives still piss and moan when they have been thrown out of the majority? F. Them!

Trump, a man of compassion decided to roll the Republican Plan out now.

Of course, it will be a work in progress.

But hey, the progressives need piss and moan about


The Washington Examiner.

March 6, 2017

 The actual replacement will be featured here in a coming update!

House Republicans on Monday announced their long-awaited legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, but they can’t say how many people would get or lose coverage compared to the Affordable Care Act.

The bill puts income restrictions on insurance tax credits and drops a proposed cap on the tax break for employer-sponsored health coverage.

The Congressional Budget Office has not released its estimate on how much the bill would cost.

The legislation is expected to be marked up later this week.

The Republican-backed measure, called the American Healthcare Act, repeals most of the Affordable Care Act’s taxes, but at a later date than originally envisioned.

It would keep the law’s “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health plans on the books but would delay its implementation until 2025.

The tax credits proposed by Republicans would be age-based, not income-based as they are under Obamacare.

But in the bill released Monday, they would be reduced for individuals earning more than $75,000 and for households earning more than $150,000.

Individuals earning more than $215,000 couldn’t receive any of the tax credits.

After Jan. 1, 2020, people who are receiving coverage through the expansion will still get it.

However, at that time Medicaid would turn into a per-capita system in which federal spending would be allocated based on how many people are signed up as opposed to the traditional fee-for-service model.

Many questions have not been answered, chief of which is who would be covered or not compared to Obamacare’s programs.

House aides told reporters that they didn’t know when a budget score from the CBO will be available.




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