The Democrats are now circling mental hospitals in search of new constituents: Where else can they find them?

crew-2231211That’s right, President Trump has driven them insane. 


That of course, is not to imply that they weren’t insane long before Donald J.Trump became The United States President.


blind-squirrelBut think about it, without President Trump, the progressive left is nothing more than a bunch of blind squirrels walking at night in a snowstorm looking for acorns.

As our economy picks up and jobs return, those with above room temperature I.Q’s will figure it out and abandon their party.

As the saying goes, “All politics is local,” and it’s difficult to bet closer to a man’s butt than his wallet.

The same goes for women and their purses.

March 6th, 2017




Anyone surprised Obama won’t go away?  I didn’t think so.

And neither are we surprised to find that our former lawless President abused even more of his executive powers as he walked out the door…leaving landmines and booby traps for Trump at every turn.

Equally as offensive is the behavior of our media…which is merely an extension of the ‘establishment’ or ‘Deep State’ as they call it.

Thank God for Donald Trump.

I know of no other human that could survive the brutal pounding he receives daily from our national media.

As Newt Gingrich accurately pointed out, 80-90% of the media are ‘the opposition party.’

These people are not journalists, they are propagandists.



Trump has NONE of the benefits Obama enjoyed… no political media, no sports media,  no Hollywood, no print media, no Entertainment Industry…. with just a handful of friendly media, Trump has us.

We are up against the most radical lefties that have EVER been in power in America… they detest what America stands for—- that’s why Obama wanted to ‘fundamentally change’ it…and now they have been rejected by the American people and they’ve completely lost their minds.  They WEREN’T supposed to lose! These people are communists and their goal is to overthrow our president…and it absolutely cannot be allowed to happen.





This a war…

Just look at their mindset, our former crooked Attorney General Loretta Lynch recorded a bizarre video wherein she CLEARLY implies the need for Blood and Death On Streets…for the cause.  This people are nuts.

Of course, violence has already broken out in ‘diverse & tolerant’ liberal hotspots…go figure.







4 thoughts on “The Democrats are now circling mental hospitals in search of new constituents: Where else can they find them?

  1. They might find a few in cemetery lol


    • That’s why it’s now time with Republicans in charge to make tamper proof, bullet proof voter identification. Dems will cry foul, fuckem, you need an I.D. to do just about anything.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly. NO VOTES CAST in USA without ID. all states!


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