Awkward silence after Pelosi asked if she’s ever met with Russian Ambassador

crew-2231211 By Jim Campbell

March 3rd, 2017



Clearly theater of the deranged, as the progressives using their attack dog, Nancy Pelosi continue to harp on Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

After Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans of “splitting hairs” over Jeff Sessions’ reported meetings with the Russian ambassador, she did the very same thing when she was asked a similar question.

cross-eyed-nancy“You’ve been in Congress a little bit and you’re in leadership, have you ever met with the Russian ambassador?” Politico reporter Jake Sherman asked Pelosi on Friday.

After an awkwardly long silence, Pelosi answered, “Not with this Russian ambassador, no,” before quickly trying to move on.

“Is it normal to meet with ambassadors?” Sherman asked.

“Yeah,” Pelosi responded.



Note she fails to answer the question

Whoops, the image below clearly contradicts Pelosi,



200It’s called making America safer by removing one progressive at a time.

Next up, Chuckie Schumer.

Maxine Waters, “Come on Down”

Sheila Jackson Lee, “You should have been her by now.

Hank Johnson, not to worry, Guam won’t be tipping over.



Profile | Ambassador Sergey Kislyak




Russian Ambassador to the United States

Full name: Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak
Born: 7 October 1952, Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)
Education: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, postgraduate at the USSR Academy of Foreign Trade

Career in brief:

  • 1985–1989 – First Secretary, Counsellor at the Embassy of the Soviet Union in Washington, DC during President Gorbachev’s Perestroika initiative
  • 1995–1998 – Director of the Department of Security Affairs and Disarmament at the Russian Foreign Ministry
  • 1998–2003 – Ambassador of Russia to Belgium and Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO. His speciality was arms control and he lead Russian negotiators on this topic
  • 2003–2008 – Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 2008–present – Ambassador of Russia to the United States, appointed by President Medvedev

Contact with Trump campaign

Mr Kislyak’s late-2016 conversations with incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn led to the latter’s resignation.

General Flynn had failed to disclose these contacts during his confirmation hearing.

In March 2017, it emerged that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had also had contact with the Russian diplomat during the presidential campaign, but failed to disclose this in his nomination hearing.

Mr. Sessions recused himself from overseeing investigations into Russian interference in the US election.

The White House said the intention was to “establish a line of communication” with the Russian government. One official called it an “inconsequential hello” and said Mr Kushner had not metMr. Kislyak since.


 On Thursday Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any future investigation examining communications between Trump officials and Moscow.

He did so after it was revealed he had himself spoken twice to Mr.Kislyak and not revealed it during the confirmation hearing for his new post.

Mr. Sessions was accused of “lying under oath” by Democrats in Congress who called on him to resign.

Several other Trump campaign advisers – national security advisers JD Gordon and Walifd Phares, and former foreign policy adviser Carter Page – also spoke with Mr Kislyak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last July, it emerged.

Mr Gordon said there was nothing inappropriate about them having done so.

The Kremlin indicated its disappointment and frustration at how the uproar was blocking progress on US-Russian r











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