Kimmel’s plan to bait Trump at the Oscars fails on so many levels; one awesome tweet leaves a mark

crew-2231211In “Hollow Wood,” there are the “A-listers, the B-listers” and perhaps even C and D-listers.


Jimmy Kimmel was selected to be the host of last evenings botched event.

By all accounts on T.V. he seems to be a likable guy, but when he turns his guns on what is happening in Washington specifically with Donald Trump as our new president, he like the rest of the phonies he chooses to hang prove they know nothing.

There are thousands of individuals who are patriots in Hollywood, they just don’t swing from the left of the Plate. (See friends of Abe organization,) Source



J. Kimmel, D-lister


People Magazine

During his hosting duties at the Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night, Jimmy Kimmel attempted to bait President Donald Trump into a Twitter war.

But he never got a rise out of the commander-in-chief.

At one point having his iPhone phone number posted for President Trump to call. 

No such luck!




It is no secret that members of the Academy who are supposed to vote on the nominations have not seen the movies, in some cases asking their maids and gardeners to do so for them.

The only way for Oscar to have a bit of legitimacy is to let the voters vote.

That’s right they would get a single vote and must show a photo I.D.

Can you hear the cries of racism already?

Perhaps President Trump was working and like the majority of American’s could care less about the self-congratulatory group of people who’s only real work is pretending to be people that actually have jobs.

“You know we’re more than two hours into the show, and Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted at us once,” Kimmel told the audience. “I’m starting to get worried about him.”

 When Russians hack the Oscars … jaw-dropping chaos after wrong best picture award was given! (Source)

Hold on a second,” he said while furiously sending out a message to his Twitter followers.

When this elicited no response from the president, Kimmel tried another approach.

He simply tweeted Trump’s Twitter handle alongside that of former actress and has-been Meryl Streep, who used the Golden Globe ceremony last month to launch into a huge rant directed at Trump. Instead of making a statement, it turned out to be the event’s most awkward moment.

Still not a word from the commander-in-chief.

Dear losers in Hollywood and elsewhere around the country, “Get Over It,”



Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson did, however, respond to Kimmel’s messages, stating that the president was too busy doing other things — like carrying out the duties expected of the leader of the free world.

That same evening Trump hosted a White House ball attended by 46 governors as a part of the National Governors Association winter meeting.

On January 2, Kimmel tweeted what appears to have been a New Year’s resolution.


yvkpxpgdTwitter idea for 2017: Find real things to be mad about. (sic)

That may be good advice for everyone — including Meryl Streep, Democratic members of Congress and the flurry of Trump-haters screaming and carrying out acts of violence and destruction.



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