Headshrinkers inundated with Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers

crew-2231211With this article, I was struck by the meaningful quote of  Shannon L. Alder~ “People that have trust issues only need to look in the mirror.


There they will meet the one person that will betray them the most.”

The current state of the DNC is they are little more than a pack of whipped dogs with little food to get them through the winter.



So they do what they always do, project their inner loathing for the opposition, in this case, any and all things to do with President Trump and his agenda.

I guess it would make it to confusing to call it the progressive/liberal/socialist syndrome.

None of those would understand the meanings and like 747’s flying overhead to Hawaii, they would still be clueless.

Canada Free Press


February 27, 2017

BombThrowers:  We’ve heard about the unethical, unhinged psychiatrists and psychologists who diagnose President Donald Trump as a crazy person.

Well, now psychoanalysts’ offices are being flooded with bed-wetting, paranoid left-wingers who stay up at night expecting to be dragged away by the Trump Death Squad.





Psychologist Arlene Drake in West Los Angeles is a Trump Derangement Syndrome therapist and sufferer.

“Drake was trained not to reveal her personal beliefs,” according to the Los Angeles Times, “but now will agree with clients if they say they don’t support Trump.”

“If this were just another session if this weren’t such a big thing if this weren’t so evil, I wouldn’t,” said the quackish headshrinker.

“But I have to stand for what I stand for and that does cross over into politics.”

The article continues:

Therapists nationwide say they’ve been overwhelmed by the strong feelings triggered by one of the most divisive figures in modern political history.

Some patients who support Trump say they feel isolated because they can’t share who they voted for in their workplace or home for fear of being harassed or called xenophobic or misogynistic. With few people to talk to freely, they turn to online forums and their therapists.

Opening up about voting for Trump has already stoked conflict with family and friends. One therapist mediated a case in which an adult son threatened to cut off his relationship with his parents because they voted for Trump.

Mental health professionals such as Drake have abandoned neutrality, while others are struggling to maintain it. Therapists on both sides of the political aisle are grappling with how to help patients affected by a national issue over which they have little control.

Those claiming to be isolated because they support Trump seem to have a point but getting psychotherapy to deal with such feelings seems like overkill. But what do I know?

As for those who fear President Trump is coming to kill them or send them to a forced labor camp, these people really do need help.

They’re nuts.




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