Illegal Alien Commits Double Stabbing After Gov. Declares Conn. a Sanctuary State

crew-2231211Earlier this week Connecticut Governor Dannel Patrick Malloy defied President Donald Trump’s deportation policy of criminal illegal aliens by informing school and law enforcement officials not to enforce federal immigration laws.  (Source).


Malloy is clearly nuts!

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wipes away a tear as he recalls how and why he decided to tell the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that their loved ones were dead during a news conference at the Capitol in Hartford, Conn., Monday, Dec. 17, 2012. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill) ORG XMIT: CTJH103


Sanctuary cities are as absurd as his arguments.

Yes, there is truly a Progressive war going on in America.

Dannel Patrick Malloy is just one more progressive fraud speaking out of both sides of his mouth as he hopes to bring his state down.


Fox 61

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February 25, 2017


Two days later, Oscar Obedio Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador murdered his girlfriend and absconded with their six-year-old daughter to Pennsylvania.

Hernandez returned to the United States after being deported on November 27, 2013, following the issuance of a judge’s order one month earlier.

In a double stabbing, Nidia Gonzalez, 26 was stabbed to death during a domestic dispute along with her friend who remains in critical condition.

Likely illegal aliens themselves although there is no mention in the articles of their status in the country.)


Judge Jeanine rips the cover off of the ball as she succinctly explains what is illegal about sanctuary cities.

Judge Jeanine Pirro lit up CPAC last night with a speech demanding an end to the “criminal enclaves known as sanctuary cities.”

Fresh off that fiery address, Judge Pirro joined “Fox & Friends” this morning from the annual gathering, which continues today with a speech by President Donald Trump.

Pirro called out progressive mayors and other officials for prioritizing the protection of criminals who violated the law to come to the U.S. and then committed additional crimes once here.



The Fox News host said promoting sanctuary city policies is not in line with the Constitution and conservative principles.

Pirro described the CPAC gathering as “electrified and energized” because the participants believe the conservative agenda will be implemented.

She said she believes President Trump is going to put an end to the sanctuary policies and to criminal aliens being released from jails.

Just yesterday, Connecticut’s governor issued a memo to his state’s authorities, asking them not to abide by federal law regarding illegal immigrants. Gov. Dannel Malloy was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to defend his policy.



The double stabbing occurred at 69 Greenwood Street in Bridgeport around 2:45 a.m. Friday. Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez called the case the “ugly, ugly side of domestic violence.”

He said the man and woman were living together but were not married.

He said alcohol was involved and the victim was stabbed at least 14 times. He appeared visibly shaken updating the case.

Chief Perez also said Oscar Hernandez is known to Bridgeport police for another situation in which there was a restraining order against him. Police say this was for an assault case involving another woman, not Aylin’s mother Gonzalez[…]


An amber alert was issued for the couple’s daughter, Aylin Sofia Hernandez, 6 and canceled later after Hernandez was stopped and detained on I-99 in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

The child was unharmed…physically.

So, what does Gov. Malloy have to say about this murder by an illegal alien that occurred within days of his declaring Connecticut a sanctuary state for illegal aliens far and wide? (sarcasm)




According to a statement released Kelly Donnelly spokeswoman for Gov. Malloy:

“Our local laws are designed to protect our residents and also ensure that those in harm’s way feel safe seeking help from law enforcement.

That’s why convicted violent felons are detained for deportation under our state laws that the governor has consistently and strongly supported.”

So, let me get this straight, Malloy is taking the stand that Connecticut already has a policy of “detaining” convicted illegal alien felons for deportation under the state’s law but opposes President Trump’s deportation policy of deporting criminal illegal aliens?

Murderer, Oscar Hernandez is proof that the state of Connecticut does not enforce its immigration laws but don’t take my word for it.

Malloy had a sit down the other night with Tucker Carlson and what he had to say should enrage every American.




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