Unhinged: Maxine Waters Calls Trump’s Cabinet a ‘Bunch of Scumbags’ and the ‘Kremlin Klan’

crew-2231211No, Waters is not unhinged, she is just being Maxine.


Maxine Waters is 78 years old, she talks about financial improprieties within the Trump organization.

A stalwart of the of the Congressional Black Caucus, among them they could not muster an I.Q. of room temperature.

Maxine Waters has serious issues with the oil and gas issues and while admitting she is a socialist, advocates for the government take over the entire industry.



Indeed there is no other conceivable way to explain her continued reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Her willing constituents are only too willing to exchange their votes for the free stuff she promises which anyone with a functioning brain is not true.



Well, isn’t this befitting a sitting member of Congress: Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, took to MSNBC national news to publicly slam members and supporters of President Donald Trump’s administration as “a bunch of scumbags.” Her words.



Or perhaps the better question is: Could you imagine if a Republican went on, say, Fox News and spoke similarly of Barack Obama’s administration while he was seated in the White House?

Pelosi is dumb enough that she should be accorded membership in the Congressional Black Caucus. (Source)





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