ISIS Creates More Child Terrorists

Talha. Just another ISIS child fighter. (Screenshot from ISIS propaganda video)

Talha. Just another ISIS child fighter.


After all these fools follow the words of Mohammad who could neither read nor write the words spoken to him Allah.

Think anything could possibly go wrong when an entire cult is based upon a fraudulent premise?
The entire cult will be swept away with the morning tide as its entire foundation was built on sand.


5 thoughts on “ISIS Creates More Child Terrorists

  1. The ignorant Americans that refuse to recognize the danger of Islam and Muslims are a BIG PROBLEM!

    The Radical Democrats are just as big a problem. The Democrats use RANTS in place of FACTS.

    The Democrats simply fabricate “facts” (really rants) to support their ill founded beliefs.

    One big problem is immigration. Allowing just too many immigrants into America is diluting America’s resources. The dilution of America’s assets will be fatal to America.

    The Muslims are another example. Just why does America need to allow Muslim immigrants (refugees) into America. The Middle-East countries have lots of money to support their own. Muslim refugees are an invasion force who want to take over America.

    If the Democrats want to help these refugees so much, then let the leaders inn Congress set an example by giving their ill-gotten wealth away to feed and house these illegal immigrants.


  2. But JBI think obumma and taxpayers did pay for their terrorism . funded and armed them.


  3. Damn phone spellcheck. I meant JC


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