Trump urges GOP to ‘go nuclear’ if Democrats filibuster Gorsuch

crew-22312113Let’s hear it for President Trump.


He is clearly showing that he has no time for the petty stalling tactics of the party of donkeys.

It appears with his latest decision, if he chooses to use the older Air Force 1, it will come with one minor change.

Obama had big time difficulties making decisions. (Source)

Let’s not forget Benghazi! (Source)

That will not be a problem with President Trump.



 Of course there is a song for this! (Source)



February 1, 2017

If Democrats do obstruct new Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch GOP senators should trigger the nuclear option to push him through, President Trump said Wednesday.

He said the decision remains with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but said he wants to see his pick on the bench.

“If we end up with that gridlock, I would say, ‘If you can, Mitch, go nuclear.’

Because that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was put up to that neglect,” Mr. Trump said. “I would say it’s up to Mitch, but I would say, ‘Go for it.’”

 Democrats have already said they’ll attempt to filibuster Judge Gorsuch.

But it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to earn the votes needed to sustain the filibuster and force the constitutional showdown.

Only one Supreme Court nominee has ever faced a partisan filibuster attempt.

Democrats tried to derail Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. in 2006, but fell short, and he was confirmed.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said Wednesday that Judge Gorsuch will become the second.

“This administration, at least at its outset, seems to have less respect for the rule of law, than any in recent memory,” Mr. Schumer said.
“There’s a special burden on this nominee to be an independent jurist.”

The New York Democrat has long dismissed the argument that judges should be evaluated based on their legal credentials rather than on their judicial philosophy.

Mr. Schumer has been unabashed in saying his goal is to force an ideological shift, and said the Gorsuch nomination will be a major test of that.




One thought on “Trump urges GOP to ‘go nuclear’ if Democrats filibuster Gorsuch

  1. Chuck Schumer is being the classic Hypocrite. The rules were changed by these Democrats for Obama to be successful in his appointments to the Supreme Court.

    Now this same guy suggests Trump is wrong to do the same for his appointees?

    Obama used his Czar selection to circumvent Congress – WTF!

    Trump is structuring his administration to be what his vision of America is. Give the guy a chance!

    The real issue is what is good for America? More refugees and terrorists is not good. More immigrants is not good for America. Keep in mind that new immigrants into America immediately sign up for government benefits. Ask your self, Why is America paying people to migrate here?

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