Acting Attorney Generals Grandstanding a Fitting End to the Obama Era

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

January 31, 2016


Indeed, a fitting end.

Sadly, when his records are finally unsealed, 12 years from now, we will just begin to understand what a criminal organization Obama ran.



Obama’s Justice Department was more of a criminal arm of Obama’s cartel than anything to do with justice.

When possible, justice was blocked to suit the whims of the administration.

With Eric “The Gun Runner,” Holder followed by the yet to be charged criminal, Loretta Lynch, there was little justice to be found during both Obama’s terms. (Source)


“Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates,  a Obama appointee, ordered the Department of Justice not to defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration.  
I couldn’t think of a more fitting capstone to the Obama record on Justice than its carrying on about President Trump’s  immigration order.
The legal arguments weigh strongly in favor of the administration, and the Justice Department has a legal obligation to defend it.
It can only refuse if there are no reasonable grounds on which to defend or the Justice Department has come to the conclusion that the law is unconstitutional, which it could only do it if disregarded existing statutes and case law. 
Once again the Obama Justice Department has put its left-wing politics before its legal duties.
On the other hand, this is meaningless grandstanding.
Attorney General Sessions will be confirmed soon, and on day one he will direct DOJ attorneys to defend the order.


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1 Response to Acting Attorney Generals Grandstanding a Fitting End to the Obama Era

  1. Dave the Differentiat says:

    Just think about the swamp we know as the Department of Justice. These people have been living is a dream world by just inventing the laws.

    Eric Holder violated so many laws it is a wonder he is still alive. I suppose it is because Holder always allowed the criminals to go free.

    Yates is a perfect example, she actually ignored the BLACK-LETTER LAW and in so doing became a criminal herself.

    As to Obama, I do not believe we will need to wait 12 years to get a peek into his true history.

    Obama lied to get into office and all of his actions will, IMO, be declared illegal.


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