Obama seals records for 12 yrs

crew-2231211He is perfectly within in legal rights, using the Freedom of information Act to do so.

Had he not signed the papers to put the timeline in place, his records would have remained sealed for 5 years after he left office.

It matters when matters of state, and secret operations within agencies such as the CIA, and FBI are concerned.

Will his so-called long form birth certificate be released at 5 years?(Source)

welcome2kenya-thumbnail-e1427049499371Is he, in fact, a naturalized citizen?

If not, that would make him an illegal alien.

Would he be returned by the Trump administration to the alleged place of his birth, Kenya?

So much for transparency and having nothing to hide.

Anita Decker-Breckenridge, currently deputy White House chief of staff for operations, started out as a driver and secretary for Barack Obama in 2003, when he was an Illinois state senator. | AP Photo Obama taps longtime aide to oversee presidential records process

President Barack Obama has selected his close aide, Anita Decker Breckenridge to act as his representative in the process that will lead to many of his White House records becoming public in future decades.

A letter Obama sent to the National Archives in July authorizes Breckenridge to convey Obama’s wishes about which of his presidential files can be made public and which should be kept under wraps for a period of time.

The letter, released to POLITICO on Friday under the Freedom of Information Act, also indicates that Obama is exercising his rights to put many of those records off-limits for 12 years after he leaves the presidency later this month.

While the move could be seen as at odds with Obama’s frequently stated commitment to transparency, it’s a step other recent presidents have also taken before leaving the White House.

Recent presidents have eventually eased some of those access restrictions after leaving office.

cuheg40uc90-gbaurhnbsvjz0w5feazafjgwl-mnlf6fzmojiwp7a7o4ljqqn6cmddymgsijk2hwvzrhark9d_tf8z8v1rfzw_rzotkrhbyfgidktflrbb4acln84h51sibwpjgsvzzqbou5srqtlpjtpz0ewxuw9tjhupnln5sytqjfjgs0-d-e1-ftWhite House spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine did not comment directly on Obama’s rationale for imposing the 12-year restrictions on his records, which will be sent in the coming years to his yet-to-be-built presidential library in Chicago.

However, she said Breckenridge is the point person on the White House staff managing transition-related issues, like the transfer of presidential records to federal archivists.

“In her role as deputy chief of staff for operations at the White House, Anita Decker Breckenridge is overseeing the White House’s transition effort, and that includes working closely with White House Counsel’s Office and the National Archives and Records Administration to ensure the president’s papers are properly preserved and made available to the public,” Hoffine said Sunday.

See the entire article below.


Breckenridge, currently deputy White House chief of staff for operations, started out as a driver and secretary for Obama in 2003, when he was a state senator.

She helped with his 2004 U.S. Senate bid, managed many of his offices in Illinois after he won that job and aided in organizing his 2007 announcement of his campaign for the presidency.

After Obama won, Breckenridge served as chief of staff at the National Endowment for the Arts. Obama brought her to the White House in 2011 to serve as his personal secretary.

In 2014, she was promoted to the deputy chief of staff post, which includes regularly traveling with the president and briefing him on natural and man-made disasters.

At the time, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough described Breckenridge as “someone who not only has the complete trust of the president but has given him candid counsel for years.”

If a president were to die in office without signing a letter similar to the one Obama signed in July, much of that confidential advice could go public after five years.

That could explain why Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush signed their restriction letters less than two years after taking office. It’s unclear why Obama waited until year eight of his presidency to sign his.

Clinton’s notice, signed in 1994, tapped then-first lady Hillary Clinton and close adviser Bruce Lindsey as official representatives under the Presidential Records Act.





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  2. Dave the Differentiat says:

    If any of these records are digital on a computer then Julian Assange over at WikiLeaks should already have copies. AND, of course, the Russians.


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