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President Richard Nixon’s Celebration at the White House for Vietnam POW’s

By Jim Campbell December 30, 2016 Richard Nixon opened inroads to China, his Celebration for the POW’s from Vietnam was the largest gathering in White House History.   Those of us alive at the time will never forget the images … Continue reading

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Trump’s Border Wall, Deportation Plans Face Push back From GOP

Let’s be clear, these aren’t Republicans pushing back they are the usual suspects called RINOS.   As President, Donald Trump will get his wall, if he must do it by “Executive Order,” so be it.   Yes, illegal crossing by … Continue reading

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Syria-Gate: NATO Weaponry and Personnel in East Aleppo

Huge stockpiles of weaponry and ammunition, many with NATO markings, were discovered in East Aleppo when the Al-Nusra militants, a local branch of Al Qaida, were pushed out of the city by Syrian forces.     The previous reports that … Continue reading

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How Trump clears Obama’s minefield

In the end, it was the United States Constitution that stopped him from completely destroying it.   It’s an absolute certainty if allowed Obama would have run for a third term against Donald J. Trump. (Source) That’s what Marxist dictators … Continue reading

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Russians Attack ‘Political Corpse’ Obama

What a mess Obama has made on the world stage. There are not enough media lapdogs and sycophants to following behind to clean up the after Obama the D.N.C. poster boy for a limping jackass.     Blaming Russia for … Continue reading

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The Reason Trump’s Cordial Relationship With Putin Is A Bad Thing?

How cool, it’s time for the girls to get all dressed up and have a cup of tea, Israel be damned. President-elect Donald Trump responded Thursday to President Barack Obama’s fresh sanctions against Russia, saying that it’s “time to move … Continue reading

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Please Be Patient: Your Country Will Be Restored Soon

By Jim Campbell December 29, 2016 That’s right my friends, as of this moment we have 21 days, 4 hours, 54 minutes and one second left of the worst occupant in U.S. History to ever occupy the White House. (Source: … Continue reading

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U.S. evicts Russians for spying, imposes sanctions after election hacks

So much for innocent until proven guilty when Obama is involved. In fact, why bother with a trial at all, let the anointed one say it and it shall be. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right … Continue reading

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Transcript Exposes Kerry’s Collaboration With Terrorists Against Israel

The mask is coming off. All the way.   According to a report by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabea newspaper Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Ambassador Susan Rice met with a delegation of Palestinians on December 15th in … Continue reading

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