4 Responses to Obama adds two national monuments in Utah and Nevada: Will they stick?

  1. Dave the Differentiat says:

    Obama has once again acted without authority and in contravention to the U. S. Constitution.

    The issue of where Obama was actually born is once again being debated. What haooens if Obvama LIED about being a U. S. Citizen?

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    • JCscuba says:

      A PRESIDENT TRUMP will likely repeal the antiquities act. Who’s he going to piss off? Just those who can’t stand him already.

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      • malenurseken says:

        I hope he does! BUT ya know he not innagurated yet! Obumma is pushing Russians. These damn sanctions without even PROOF of any tampering! Perhaps itching for a fight to declare Marshal law and stay in office? Cyber attacks? Does he mean leaking HITLARYS deleted email info? Well if an attack, lets hear rest of the story! Lets HEAR them! Cyber????? Hitlary had NO business deleting any emails. Lets hear about ALL of them! BUT hey even cyber attacks does NOT change the vote of the people no matter if RUSSIA or CHINA or any other country involved! The AMERICAN people voted and spoke! And they just cant handle the ASS KICKING they got


      • JCscuba says:

        Hi Ken, Happy New Year. You are correct. Trump must be sworn in. The nightmare scenario would be some nut job from the left taking him out.


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