Congress Threatens to De-fund UN over Anti-Israel Vote

crew-2231211In a move congress needed to take decades ago, it seems there are some testosterone and estrogens on board who are ready willing and able to do just that.


Problematically the threat is issued annually with the same predictable results, nothing happens. (5 years ago)

This is the result of congressional scumbags being bought off by anti-Israel lobbyists all of whom, should be tried in a court of law, and if convicted sentenced to the maximum allowable terms.

senate-un-ambassador_horo-e1375395148868Ambassador Samantha Power, who represents the United States at the UN Security Council, sat on her hands on Friday when the chair called for votes against an anti-Israel resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal.
But she raised her hand high when the chair called for abstentions.

She, and her boss, Hussein Obama, could have voted no, in keeping with precedent, and in deference to the incoming administration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. Instead, they let the resolution pass.

In anticipation of Obama’s suspected — now confirmed — abstention, members of Congress threatened to de-fund the UN. The U.S. accounts for some 22% of the UN’s budget, supporting a large, comfortable bureaucracy and its various programs.



And the nations with tin pot dictators who continually vote against U.S. interests


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a statement, warning:

This provocative action by the United Nations is an outrage and must be dealt with sternly and forcefully.

As the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I oversee the United States assistance to the United Nations. The United States is currently responsible for about 22 percent of the United Nations total budget.

If the United Nations moves forward with the ill-conceived resolution, I will work to form a bipartisan coalition to suspend or significantly reduce United States assistance to the United Nations.

In addition, any nation which backs this resolution and receives assistance from the United States will put that assistance in jeopardy.

Others joined Graham’s call to defund the UN, including Sen. James Lankford (R-OH).

The Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement also calling for defunding the UN:

By allowing the United Nations’ anti-Israel resolution to be adopted by the Security Council, in the face of fierce bi-partisan opposition, the actions of the Obama Administration will forever be remembered as a dark, shameful moment for our country.

The resolution passed today will only serve as a greater barrier to peace, which can only truly be achieved through negotiations.

Instead of pressuring the Palestinians to be a partner for peace, Obama chose to break with long standing diplomatic practices and allowed the one-sided, anti-Israel United Nations to be used as a tool to bludgeon Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East.


See the entire article below.


We applaud the efforts of Republican Senators, led by Senator Graham, to strip funding to the United Nations, which has time and again showed their anti-Israel bias. What happened today will forever be on the heads of the President, his Party, and groups like J Street that remained silent.

The passage of the resolution marks the Obama administration’s final stab in the back against Israel, on its way out the door and in defiance of the results of the November election, when voters chose Trump’s more assertive U.S. foreign policy.

In the hours before the vote, American Jewish organizations otherwise friendly to the Obama administration, such as the Union for Reform Judaism, belatedly mobilized to urge the Obama administration to veto the resolution. It was all to no avail.

In her statement attempting to justify the Obama administration’s failure to exercise its veto, Power cited a statement by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 opposing further Israeli settlements. She argued — incorrectly — that opposition to Israeli settlements had been the policy of every U.S. administration since 1967, ignoring the fact that President George W. Bush had assured Israel it would accept some settlements, as a reward for Israel’s recognition of the Palestinian aspiration to statehood.

Power attempted to cover the Obama administration’s backstabbing by noting that Israel is unfairly singled out for criticism by the UN: “Israel continues to be treated differently than other UN member states,” she said.

Yet even as Power said those words, she and the Obama administration participated in precisely that kind of singling out — subjecting Israel to criticism that no other states in similar situations had ever faced, in a week when the city of Aleppo fell to the genocidal Syrian regime.

She further argued that the U.S. would have blocked any resolution that threatened Israeli security. The implication was that a resolution that is factually and legally false, and which rewards Palestinians for decades of terror, does not harm Israel.

Power stated that “we cannot stand in the way of this resolution as we seek to preserve a chance to attain” the goal of a two-state solution. The claim flies in the face of Israeli efforts to renew negotiations — even to freeze settlement construction — in vain.

President-elect Trump had managed to keep the resolution at bay the day before by opposing it publicly, and by convincing Egypt to withdraw it from the agenda. But the Obama administration, aided by temporary Security Council members New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Senegal, persisted.

The vote is a watershed: Israel faces a new and more hostile diplomatic reality, and the myth of bipartisan support for Israel has been shattered forever. Democrats will now bear an anti-Israel legacy.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. He was named one of the “most influential” people in news media in 2016. His new book, See No Evil: 19 Hard Truths the Left Can’t Handle, is available from Regnery through Amazon. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.


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6 Responses to Congress Threatens to De-fund UN over Anti-Israel Vote

  1. Just Simply Linda says:

    Honestly, the President Elect to say, “I take office in 3 weeks, you have 4 weeks to remove yourselves off the U.S. soil.” Period. Shameful behavior from Obama administration, he has proved without a doubt that he is a muslim, and supports that, over our friends such as Israel .

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  2. stevor says:

    whatever it takes to defund the UN, I’m for

    Liked by 1 person

  3. GG says:

    Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein.. Both are good little red diaper babies who
    traveled with Obama to
    the WH.. Sunstein first, then later the Soros darling, Samantha Power was positioned as Ambassador to UN.
    I can only imagine the thrill up the leg moment the wench Power felt when she raised her hand to abstain from voting down the Resolution, knowing it was a stab not only to Israel, but to the incoming Trump administration..
    If Jeff Sessions has 8 years as AG, he will be working overtime to bring these demons to heel
    and justice for their
    crimes IF he pursues .. Which I hope in the least, he shuts down the Soros
    machine, Clinton foundation, expose the fraud in the WH, and all its tentacles.. There is a jailhouse big enough to house all the crooks who have all but stole our country from us and robbed us blind chasing their Global communist dream..

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  4. Dave the Differentiat says:

    The concept of the “United Nations” has been a subject I do not understand.

    The United States is the financial backing behind this organization who has consistently bad mouthed America.

    Without Foreign Aid from America, most of these Nations would have starved to death many years ago. The leader’s of these nations are corrupt and immoral – by any standard.

    Good time to steo away from this Organization completely.

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  5. Reblogged at Freedom Ain’t Free


  6. fuzzysdad01 says:

    Throw the UN the Hell of of America


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