ABC, NBC Smear Trump’s Cabinet Picks as ‘Really Old White Group’

crew-2231211The fools in the media need to “Get over it.” and get over themselves.


The liberal media is desperate to find any metric to paint Trump’s future administration as stocked with white nationalist hardliners.

But the matter of fact is there have only been five picks announced, and of

But the matter of fact is there have been seventeen picks announced.

They are still whining about Donald J. Trumps amazing victory over the beast.

mainstream-mediaIf they weren’t so hung up on believing their own propaganda from their shared echo chamber they would have had a clue.

ABC’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, tried to stick it to Trump when she moderated the presidential debates.

The media that continues to attack Donald J.Trump does so at its own peril.

Will they have front row seating in the White House Press Room?

Don’t bet on it.




“So, there’s a concern about lack of diversity so far in the hiring,” bemoaned ABC’s Paula Faris on Good Morning America, “We saw that he brought in Michelle Rhee and Nikki Haley, but is there really any likelihood of a pick who is not a white male at this point?”

Faris had posed her ridiculous question to ABC’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, who on election night almost broke down in tears from Hillary Clinton’s loss.

See the entire article below.


She said she would pass Faris’ question along to Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and said there were many spots still left to fill.

“And not all of them are men, white men like as you said former chancellor of DC public schools Michelle Rhee who was also at Bedminster yesterday,” Raddatz noted before quickly jabbing at Trump, “The five picks announced so far have all been white men.

On the NBC’s Sunday Today, host Willie Geist left the smearing up to his guest John Heilemann, a man who had once compared Trump to the insane villain of the Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now. “As you look at that group right there in total, what do you see,” Geist inquired. “I see a really, really old white group of old white men,” Heilemann replied as he bumbled through his rant:

And I say that not to be snide, but I think the groups that now in the country are most concerned about what we’re seeing coming out of the Trump administration is the vast number of millions and millions of non-white Americans, who are looking at the group– not because it’s so white—but also because if you take those people together — Bannon, Flynn and sessions — all three of them have a history of being involved at a minimum racially insensitive endeavors. Having said racially insensitive things, and to some people worse than that.





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One Response to ABC, NBC Smear Trump’s Cabinet Picks as ‘Really Old White Group’

  1. I think the liberal news is having an opposite affect…especially to us smart folks who are fed up with pc culture. Their ratings have dropped…and frankly, folks are just fed up…especially with the game playing over coming Mondays Elector vote. Keep an eye on that, btw…I’ll be bugging you more, JC now that I have finished the semester. wink.


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