Sixty Minutes fakes another story : This time attacks by Somali’s in Sweden

crew-2231211Sixty minutes is the bull shit bastion for those with nothing better to do on Sunday evening’s but tune in to watch it.


Yes, the Somali’s did act like animals, but hurt anyone? Hardly !

Would we have expected anything else?

Sadly, it’s nice to see a 60 minutes crew be toyed with by Somali refugees as the program is known for making up stories and showing completely false happenings.


Should we believe everything we hear on the news?

Can we trust the national media? Are we being fed the truth or an agenda? (Source)

Of course, they lied about Benghazi, were caught and were forced to apologize. (Source)

Sixty minutes paid “Cancer faker.” (Source)


The Daily Wire

Robert Kraychick

November 26, 2016

Recently a TV crew from the Australian 60 Minutes TV program, had found the way to the immigrant-dense suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm.




Disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson in a scene from her interview with Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program. Photo: Channel Nine

Dan “Blather” is still claiming his false story on presidential hopeful, George W. Bush’s flight hours while in the air national guard is true. (Source)

They again published a false segment on how Hillary Clinton grappled with her husband’s infidelity. (Source)




After the visit, the journalists said that they have been to Somalia, Syria, and Iraq, but they have never experienced conditions similar to those in Sweden.

The TV crew got an insight into the Swedish multicultural society that they are never going to forget.

The TV crew was in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby to depict the mass immigration to Sweden and do interviews with local residents. The team barely got into Rinkeby before it was attacked for the first time, writes Avpixlat.




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3 Responses to Sixty Minutes fakes another story : This time attacks by Somali’s in Sweden

  1. stevor says:

    I was believing the story. Why would they want to fake it since so many want to say muslims aren’t nutso?


  2. malenurseken says:

    LOL ALL countries know the TRUTH! Just like Majority of Americans do! The BS lies


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