Researcher Launches New Fact-Checking Project

crew-2231211At times, ideas by the left may indeed have excellent purposes.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Filippo Menczer of Indiana University is able to make his project work.

Behold, is it possible that he would have come up with a system that would steer readers of the news away from reading it all together?

government-floppingacesnet-cropIt’s unlikely however since it’s funded by the government, i.e., as in, We the People are paying for it, and it is quite plausible, truths will be blacked out or unreported altogether.

How would the new program handle this bit of information which we know to be factually true?

Not to worry we have always been able to trust our government. (Think the Clinton’s)

Here’s to the unsung Heroes of Black Friday.

Those who answered the call of duty and risked life and limb in pursuit of the most incredible door-buster savings of the season.


The Earl of Taint


The head researcher behind the government-funded project to track “misinformation” and “hate speech” online is now getting into the fact-checking business.

Filippo Menczer, a professor of informatics and computer science at Indiana University, explained during a lecture earlier this fall that he is creating a new system to go along with “Truthy” that he hopes can automatically extract tweets to be “fact-checked.”

During his talk at Northwestern University, Menczer also falsely claimed that the Washington Free Beacon is an “alt-right” website.

Menczer explained the details of his latest project “Hoaxy” that is entering the battle against “fake news.”

“One of the interesting questions is how misinformation spreads,” he said.

“Is it the case that all the people who believe in conspiracy theories [chemtrails, anti-vax] are just in their own isolated group or island, or is it the case that they are spread over the population?”

“So we’re trying to build a system, we call it Hoaxy,” Menczer continued.

“We hope to be able to release it quite soon, where we are trying to allow people to visualize the spread of fake news.”

Menczer’s presentation provided a list of fake news websites, which included the Daily Currant and, and satire sites such as Click Hole and The Onion.

“In this case, we just go to websites that are known to only publish fake news, fabricated news,” he said. “Sadly there are many of them. From a researcher’s perspective, we have plenty of data.”

Menczer said Hoaxy is able to track Twitter users spreading links to fake news.

“We look at all the fake news and we look at the URLs, and we look at how people are sharing the URLs, the links to this fake news on Twitter and we can track them,” he said. “We can also track people who share fact checks about those fake news, like a link to a Snopes article that says that particular article is, that claim is untrue.”

“So hopefully,” he continued, “by doing this we’ll be able to compare the dynamics or the competition in the spread of information and misinformation online.

So hopefully that will generate some good data that people can use.”

Menczer explained how his team is developing “computational fact-checking,” which he said could be used to “automatically extract” tweets to be fact-checked.

He used the example of people claiming President Barack Obama is a Muslim.


See the entire article below.


“If something like this one day could work, then ideally we could automatically extract things to be checked from social media, maybe we see a pattern that is very common, we feed it into the network, we look for the path, and then we can reach some conclusion about whether there is support for this statement,” he said.

“In this case there is a very long path connecting those two entities on Twitter,” Menczer said of the “Obama is a Muslim” phrase.

Menczer and his team received nearly $1 million from the National Science Foundation for Truthy to monitor “misinformation” and “suspicious memes” online. The project garnered widespread attention after the Washington Free Beacon revealed the study, and that Menczer himself supports liberal causes, including President Obama’s Organizing for Action,, and Greenpeace.

Menczer now claims that his study itself became the prime example of the “spread of misinformation” online and called the Free Beacon an “alt-right” website. The Free Beacon is not such a site.

“I want to tell you a little bit about the work on understanding the spread [of misinformation] and I thought that I should tell you a little bit about our own case study as an example of that,” he told students at Northwestern. “Back in August 2014 there was an article posted on a website I now know is referred to as an ‘alt-right’ website. I didn’t even know that word back then.”

“And they took a sentence out of the NSF abstract for one of our grants and then they wrote an article in which they kind of suggested that this research project was about political action, that we were somehow targeting conservative accounts, or using the excuse of wanting to detect hate speech, which by the way was nowhere part of what we proposed to do in our project, as a way to do politics, basically, with federal funds,” Menczer said.

Many of the claims Menczer made about the Free Beacon spreading “misinformation” were false. For instance, Menczer said detecting hate speech was “nowhere part of what we proposed to do in our project.” The National Science Foundation grant states: “This service could mitigate the diffusion of false and misleading ideas, detect hate speech and subversive propaganda, and assist in the preservation of open debate.”

Menczer also made light of concerns about freedom of speech during his lecture, saying a false narrative was created that the project was “anti-free speech.” Twenty minutes later, Menczer implied that tweets from people saying President Obamais a Muslim could be “extracted” for automatic fact-checking.

He said the headline of the Free Beacon story was inaccurate, though both Truthy and now Hoaxy have databases. Menczer also said Truthy was not used to suspend Twitter accounts, though he said in 2012 that Truthy was able to successfully suspend conservative accounts.

Menczer did not return a request for comment.



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2 Responses to Researcher Launches New Fact-Checking Project

  1. Dave the Differintiator says:

    This development is a typical of the “control Freaks” in Government.
    Free speech is the only answer. Once any one person or organization is given the power to edit free speech then the end result will be control of speech. OR, the end of the Free Speech guaranteed in the U. S. Constitution.

    The obvious extension of this concept of selected control would then go after all other freedoms in America.

    Gun Control would then be extended to eliminate the Second Amendment.

    Then the Government could completely bypass “Due Process of Law” resulting in a dictatorship here in America.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dave the Differintiator says:

    This case appears to be another attempt to control free speech.

    This professor appears to me to be seeking methods of the control of free speech and the elimination of the First Amendment.

    The obvious extension of this path of reasoning tis to eliminate the Bill of Rights and the U. S. Constitution.

    Simply put, this behavior is nit acceptable.

    Of course, there next steps by this group is complete gun control and the elimination of Due Process.

    Filippo Menczer, a professor of informatics and computer science at Indiana University should be fired!

    Indiana University is a Federal Land Grant University and cannot be teaching the over-throwing of the U. S. Constitution.

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