There’s absolutely no telling what a crazed Muslim Jihadist will do: High Def footage of a vehicle driving into a major camp and destroying everything in site

crew-2231211For my money, Muslim Jihadists do their best work while screwing goats and sheep,  (Source) of course that’s when they aren’t having goodbye sex with their recently dead wives who smell likely far worse that the goats and sheep.


29484_403440639197_105089514197_4137145_7389932_nThis is in no way to be taken litely, Islamic Jihadists are advised to participate in both activities from the words handed down by Mohammad and later written into the surras and haddiths.  (Source)


Special Ops Magazine.

Published on Oct 31,2016  Taliban suicide attack on police compound filmed with HD camera mounted on a drone shows a suicide bomber driving a Humvee into a police base in Helmand province and blowing it up on October 3, 2016. 




Never forget, behind ever screaming goat there is a happy muslim.  It’s who they are and the cult they follow.


Facing no apparent resistance, the Humvee barrels into the middle of the base, detonating in flames in front of a large building and producing a cloud of smoke and dust, obscuring the entire compound.


A government official in Helmand said the district police chief and several other officials were killed in the attack on October 3, when Taliban militants overran much of Nawa district. 

An Afghan government official said the video posted online appeared to be authentic.



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3 Responses to There’s absolutely no telling what a crazed Muslim Jihadist will do: High Def footage of a vehicle driving into a major camp and destroying everything in site

  1. Lorra B. says:

    Wow…that’s nuts!! 😳😡


    • JCscuba says:

      You know I’m an Islamic scholar, and Dr. It’s all true, it’s not nuts Islam is. Factually, Islam captured peaceful Muslims and brainwashed them as they would any infidel.

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  2. drartaud says:

    Originally a comment elsewhere, here it has been slightly reformatted with a few additions.

    “With Open Gates” BEST VERSION Extended Cinematic 1080p

    For you budding terrorists, the muslim children, cultivate your mind, not the thoughts of the minds of others. Old men tell you the honor of dying in battle, or of being strapped with explosives and killing innocents in the name of your political system that masquerades as a religion. If it is so honorable, how did your old men ever get to be old to begin with? You see, your elders sit and inculcate you with hate, you do their heinous work, killing yourselves, and innocents, and they laugh, how stupid and gullible you were, and how easy it is to find other stupid and gullible youth to continue their hatred. There are no virgins waiting for you in the afterlife, presumably there’s elders, and they’ll have your virgins, and you’ll be as much as a chump in the afterlife as you were in this life.

    Islamic toilet etiquette and Hygiene, pork, and stupidity.

    A Muslim must first find an acceptable place away from standing water, or people’s pathways or shade. They are advised that it is better to enter the area with the left foot, facing away from the Qiblah. While on the toilet, one must remain silent. Talking, answering greetings or greeting others is strongly discouraged. The relevant area must be washed with water after defecating. Similarly, the male and female genitals must be washed with water after urinating. When defecating together, two men cannot converse, nor look at each other’s genitals. A man should not touch his genitals with the right hand. Meanwhile, Qur’an suggests the one is bound washing one’s hands after using the toilet, which is discussed in verse 5:6.

    When leaving the toilet, one is advised to leave with the right foot, and also say a prayer – “Praise be to Allah who relieved me of the filth and gave me relief.” It is also reported in the Hadith of Bukhari that whenever Muhammad went to the toilet, he said “In the name of Allah, O Allah! I seek refuge with You from all offensive and wicked things” (alternate translation: “from evil deeds and evil spirits”).

    Now, you don’t eat pork, it’s unclean. And you have bathroom rules, must maintain proper hygiene, right? Then pray tell, how can you rape women with reckless abandon? Ever hear of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. But I guess you have that covered too, right, you rape women, unknown to you, and get an STD, and voila, you stone your wife to death because she must have given it to you, right?

    Not all muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are muslim.

    Why muslim men “really” abuse their women.

    muslim men suppress their women: burkas and head scarfs. Ladies, and their are some absolutely stunning, beautiful, Middle Eastern women, the head scarfs, burkas, etc. are signs of your subjugation. Your “men” don’t dress that way, they have no archaic need to dress in black in hot climates, in ways that obscure the vision.

    Abuse masquerading as dignity or honor killings. muslim women, notice this all focuses on your activity. If you’re raped, they kill you. If another man looks at you, they kill you. This perplexed me for awhile, but in the basest forms, this is forced darwinism. The reason for this, dear ladies, is you hold the key to life, and a continuation of their political system that masquerades as a religion.

    If you attract other men, those other men may treat you with respect, they may not be muslim, you may conjoin with them, and produce children that are less likely to be muslim. Banish the thought, the religion of peace would rather see you dead than risk they lose control over your uterus.

    Do you think otherwise?

    “I would do it again 100 times”: Muslim father ‘murdered his THREE daughters in honour killing for dating wrong boys’

    muslim men rape non-muslim women to spread their seed, trying to create mini-me-muslims, and this rape done by your muslim men is against the dignity and honor of muslim women. And, the rapes are to debase non-muslim men, and if you ask me, European men are hiding in their homes while their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and girlfriends are being raped, and European men have been inbred and are too gut-less and cowardly to stop it, except the Polish, see below a few links.

    Woman Raised Muslim Drops Truth About Islam

    ExMuslims Laughing At Muhammad “Miracles”

    To the Polish, I offer my deepest respect for guarding Poland, with courageous men and women united in the cause.

    150,000 Polish Nationalists march against muslim immigration


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