At times horrible things happen that are far to difficult to comprehend

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

October 31, 2016


Yes,it would be a tragedy for FBI Director James Comey to become a victim of the Clinton’s body bags.

We must pray for him and that he does become a member of the same list of Clinton enemies, friends, and business associates who are no longer among us because they crossed the evil Clinton machine.



What good have the Clinton’s ever done for America or that was in the best interest of its citizens?

I suggest none. (Source)

Hillary and slick have never taken responsibility for any of their reprehensible behavior.

They will burn in hell where they belong, that date can’t arrive soon enough.

It looks like Director Comey has signaled it’s time to start-up the fires in the crematorium.



Those of our readers who follow this site daily understand full well why Hillary isn’t along for the ride on this one.

She may, in fact, be dead already as many dubious sources imply.

Hint It’s not a double-wide casket.




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