Military Charity for Kids Flooded with Applicants & Due to Federal Funding Cuts, Slashes Benefits

crew-2231211Congress writes the budget, and Obama should have signed it.


One way or the other the ball was dropped.

It’s truly special for the private sector and those working in the government to pick up the shortfall.

You too can make a donation by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Saying goodbye is a heart-wrenching scene. (Photo: Public Domain)

Saying goodbye is a heart-wrenching scene.
(Photo: Public Domain)

Our Military Kids, a charity that gives much-needed help to children while their parents are serving their country, finds itself over-flooded with applicants and unable to handle the load.

Monthly checks that are given to children of deployed Reserve and National Guard service members were once at $500 but the influx of children being added to the program has caused the checks to be cut in half to $250. This cut went into effect October 1.

The program helps to pay for things from sports programs and event tickets to music lessons and beyond. These activities help kids of a deployed parent to deal with the stress of their absence.

These activities help kids of a deployed parent to deal with the stress of their absence.

According to Linda Davidson, executive director of OMK, “Success brings good news and challenges for Our Military Kids.

Since the word has gotten out to families that Our Military Kids is an organization that can help provide impactful support for their children during challenging periods – overseas deployments and recovery from combat-related injuries- applications to our grant program are up by more than 30 percent over last year.”

“There’s a perception out there that deployments are down, so the need must be down. But that just isn’t so.”

OMK has delivered well over 55,000 grants that equal a sum of $22 million.

However, because of federal funding cuts in 2014 the organization completely reliant on the generosity of private donors.

According to OMK, one service member pleads, “Please don’t send cookies, care packages or socks.

Just help take care of our children. Every American has an opportunity, an obligation, to take care of military children while their military parents serve overseas or recover from visible and invisible wounds of war.”
These brave heroes give all of themselves to and for the good of the American people. They sacrifice unselfishly and with abandon leaving behind all those they love to protect and serve this great nation of ours.

It is time to give back, be it ever so small.

If you are interested in and feel lead to help OMK with donations, please click on this donation”Our Military” link for ways to give.





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