Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!

crew-2231211Those not in attendance turned themselves into ISIS for immediate beheading rather suffer the indignity of Hillary Clinton’s Vice-Presidental candidate carry on with Clinton’s lies.


Many slit their wrists while other’s decided to shoot themselves rather thank listen to more Clintonian malarkey.

Kain has likely always been a liar, but under the tutelage of  Hillary Rodham Clinton, he honed his skills well.

To make things worse, Kaine in a bigger progressive socialist than Hillary. (On the issues: Source)

Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine Held a Rally today AND NOBODY CAME!

There were literally like 30 people there — in West Palm Beach, Florida.


And that includes journalists and operatives.

Via Truthfeed:




6 thoughts on “Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!

  1. Islamist network connections perks Graf and appointments in governmental agencies are the most lauded achievement’s on deputy barney fife impotent Tim running mate lap dog and unindicted co conspirator to the Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hillary jihad Clinton


  2. Lol😀…ps Pence is alright—he’s a Cubs fan☺. ((Rooting for the Cubbies))).

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  3. Hee hee hee. It is so cool that the very mention of Tim Kaine and the subject changes to baseball! 🙂 I can dig it! That’s okay. Tim will become a free agent soon!


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