HazMat Team Gives All Clear At Clinton Campaign HQ – Mysterious Powder ID’d As Non-Hazardous

crew-2231211The great thing about being on the receiving end of The Earl of Taints images is that he knows what I need before I do.


Seriously does it get any better than that?

Sadly for those who can’t handle it, this image brings up thoughts of “The V. Word.”

Yep, I can see the headlines tomorrow, you get them now, HA. 🙂

Boxes meltdown in “Camp Clinton,” and throughout the D.N.C.

cute-fluffy-kitten-playing-woolMe?  I’ve alway been a big fan.

The just as easily could have named it “Preparation H.”




Maybe a Qur’an breathing Muslim can have a shot at her with goodbye sex. (Source)

Muslim to Bill Clinton:  How was she, “You mean Hillary?” “She was not worth the time dead or alive.”

“Why do you think I would chase and try to nail anything wearing a skirt?”

We forgive slick for some of his mental illness.

It’s apparently scratch the snatch time has Hillary’s electoral votes continue to go south.

Me, I’ve always been a big fan of pussy, I’m glad they put it on their logo.



It could be far worse, this article could have been about Hillary and nothing else.





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