U.S. Military Heated Over Clinton’s Disclosure of Extremely Classified Nuke Launch Time Info

crew-2231211Hillary Clinton can’t hold a job in the private sector.


She needs the protection of the public sector to cover her butt.

She can’t be trusted to walk a dog.



She would just do another head plant and the dog would get away.

God help us is the dog she was walking at the time was “Slick.”

During the presidential debate on Wednesday Hillary Clinton, once again, revealed very classified information to the world.

This is not the first time Mrs. Clinton has tried to fake her knowledge of classified and top secret filing systems.ef52e9426cd8a2e06806a6b33dabf1cd4cf43b397724f8c6af3bd9a4433bb03c

If it had been we would not have been bombarded with Wickileaks and the results of “Clinton’s Email scandal”

Barbara Starr, a CNN Pentagon Correspondent, stated Thursday “that the U.S. military is unhappy with Hillary Clinton discussing nuclear weapon launch times during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, calling such information “extremely classified.”

By The S

By Lorra J,

October 21, 2016

Pentagon Officials Furious After Clinton Announces US Nuclear Secrets During Debate

(Photo: Snapshot Youtube)

Starr went on to say that even if the information is public knowledge, “if you know information to be classified, and you’re a government official, even if it’s in the open source, even if it’s on the Internet, you are not supposed to disclose it.”

“The bottom line is,” Star states, is “the US military [is] not especially thrilled to be discussing in precise detail what it takes to launch nuclear weapons.”

“But here is the bottom line: The U.S. military does not discuss the precise specifics of the time frames of launching nuclear weapons that, by all accounts, is extremely classified.”

Former Secretary of State Clinton should know better but clearly she does not.

The information Clinton disclosed is Top Secret intelligence and is governed under the “U.S. Special Access Program (SAP) which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing and discussing highly classified and Top Secret intelligence,” according to the Pentagon.

Because it took place during a political campaign the Pentagon refused to give any formal comment on the issue.

It was clear to Starr, however, that the Pentagon was less than thrilled with Clinton.

The Pentagon stated, off camera, that they were not happy at all “due to the secure nature of what she was discussing,” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Starr stated, “We went to the military this morning and asked them. A military spokesman told us that they do not discuss operational timelines for launching nuclear weapons. “This is some of the most classified information. I asked Defense Secretary Ash Carter at a press conference earlier today. He declined to answer the question because it involved politics.”

Hillary has a past filled with negligence on the handling classified materials.

American’s should be wondering just how capable she is of keeping classified information actually classified.



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5 Responses to U.S. Military Heated Over Clinton’s Disclosure of Extremely Classified Nuke Launch Time Info

  1. I attended a Honors Society discussion Thursday night on the “State of the Election” and voiced my concern over this very subject. Lo and behold, I get an email last night—a clear 24 hrs later from one of my very liberal professors/dr of psychology (a Berkley grad) who also attended the same discussion with a Snopes attachment stating this is common knowledge. Nonetheless, I could not help myself, and sent an email back, stating although it might be common knowledge, it is not be discussed openly and I then stated the sources as to where, why, what. I realized, I might be part of the problem by keeping my big mouth shut and decided to be a pro active voice instead of the passive voice these liberals want us to be…I can just see him forming an opinion on why I am wrong and eagerly await his return email, wink…


    • JCscuba says:

      You are the bomb simply Linda it’s great to get in do nothing professor’s faces and embarrass them in class where possible. Ask them for the source or apologize to the class. One question, why aren’t you leading the seminar? Seriously. xoxo Me.

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      • because I was an invited as a potential Honor Society member. Or as one professor put it, “You have makings of being a great Honor Society member. You will go far to remember 1. To keep an open mind and 2. Fact check, fact check, fact check.” wink


      • JCscuba says:

        Seriously, darlin any Honor society that would want you isn’t worth joining. Of course you would give them far to much shit. Now kiss the Marine, drop and give me 100

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Rifleman III says:

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