“Drain the Swamp”: Trump Calls for Congressional Term Limits

crew-2231211The writers at Politichicks don’t seem to be that bothered by Donald Trump’s locker room banter back in 2005.



Do you suppose the failed team Clinton was using this as another distraction?

Though the term limits are short under Trump’s rhetoric, they would still have to go through the legislative process  and that may be a tough sell.

Who does Trump think he is, Barack Obama ready to circumvent congress?  Just kidding.



Sonya Sasser

OCTOBER 19, 2016


The GOP nominee on Tuesday told supporters in Colorado Springs that he plans to tell the entrenched guard of Congress “you’re fired,” continuing his ethics reform push by advocating for term limits on members of Congress that would further “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.



Mr. Trump said he would propose a six-year limit for House members, or three terms, and a 12-year limit, or two terms, for senators. (Source: WSJ)

Current members of the House and Senate would be “Grandfathered in.”

A perfectly chosen word if I do say so 🙂




2 thoughts on ““Drain the Swamp”: Trump Calls for Congressional Term Limits

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    Random drug and alcohol testing for all elected officials.


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