Cop ‘moons’ Clinton sign, spurs free speech debate

crew-2231211There is still time to get the entire police department involved, in fact, this concept should take off among departments nationwide for maximum effect.

Here is Officer Perkins, a cop w/ the Oelwein Police Dept. in Iowa, wiping his ass w/ a gun held to a sign…

When an Oelwein Police Department reserve officer “mooned” and pointed a gun at a Hillary Clinton yard sign, was it legally protected free expression or misconduct meriting disciplinary action?

That’s the debate after a photo of the act surfaced on social media last week.


The incident has prompted an “internal review,” Oelwien Police Chief Jeremy Logan said.

Whether reserve officer Jay Perkins should face discipline depends on whether he was serving in an official capacity when the photo was taken, according to legal experts.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer can be subject to discipline for political speech or behavior if it’s done in an “official capacity,” said Rita Bettis, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa.

“So here, the factors like whether the officer was on duty or in uniform may play an important part of the analysis,” she said.

Perkins is not wearing a police uniform in the photo. He is grinning widely with his black pants hanging just below his exposed buttocks, which are pointed at a blue Clinton/Kaine sign.

See entire article below.





Perkins, who has volunteered for the department for more than 10 years, was not on duty when the photo was taken, Logan wrote Monday in an email to The Des Moines Register. The firearm the reserve officer was holding in the photo was not issued or owned by the eastern Iowa department, the chief wrote.

Logan wrote that he had “addressed the matter,” but he did not respond to a follow-up email about what discipline, if any, could be brought in the incident.

Perkins is still pictured and listed as a reserve officer on the department’s website.

“While we support the right of freedom of speech and expression, we encourage our staff to do so with professionalism,” Logan said.

“Jay Perkins has been a dedicated and sound volunteer for our community and this action does not reflect what we have seen from him in prior years. We take matters such as this seriously as we understand the impact that this can have on the trust that is placed upon us by the public.”





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3 Responses to Cop ‘moons’ Clinton sign, spurs free speech debate

  1. NormCorp says:

    Some might say public indecency. THo those who would make that claim, I would say it is Civil Disobedience!


  2. Davethe Differientator says:

    I am thinking “Free Speech”.

    The skin in the picture is nothing that most bathing suits do not show. Cannot be indecent if it is publically acceptable behavior.

    Has anyone interviewed Hillary to get her take?


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