Trump’s No Saint – Neither Are You

crew-2231211Indeed, Donald Trump as been making a great deal of noise that is sounding upbeat for the future economic situation.


Trump ill have little effect on the deficit immediately.

He will help grow the economy by creating new  job opportunities  and bringing companies back to America. 

October 16, 2016

Or me. God knows. But it’s him vs 4-8 more years of the 3 headed monster.

That’s the choice.



Image: by Earl of Taint

**(Martha Rattzazz Redass Raddatz was selected to personify the rat shit rotten Clinton campaign media wing in this cartoon. Andrea Mitchell will sd-martha-raddatz-a-winner-of-presidential-debate-20161009return, once the swelling subsides.)

We’re sorry. It’s a political cartoon and we’re using you to provide a premise for smacking Hillary Clinton right in her fat, medicated face while appearing to be doing something completely innocent.

We mean to incite no actual violence against the fly community. Fly Lives Matter.

Now you’ve got 48 hours max – don’t waste it protesting us.


“Zonk, crack, crushed skull.”




One thought on “Trump’s No Saint – Neither Are You

  1. Interesting, I called Hillary a name and it wouldn’t post. But this did. Big Brother is watching!


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