crew-2231211Indeed, Hillary will either have Podesta’s nut or put his short little body on the rack. 


Wikileaks, Julien Assange,and the entire internet have Hillary in fits even though she is hanging out in her bunker, nowhere to be found until the debates.



The Blog of Monte Christo


October 17, 2016





Hillary has been known to be careless, so maybe she will cut Podesta some slack.

That’s not likely to happen as Hillary is such an annoying  broad, and I do mean broad.




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  2. IMO – Hillary is dead.

    Have heard rumors Hillary is in Custody of Military and in Cuba.

    Hillary will not be seen in public in the future.

    The Political picture being painted by the MSM is not true.

    The concept that the press can now define what is acceptable “free speech” is just plain stupid.

    I recently heard someone say that political satire was offensive because it did not reflect his view of life. The idea that political correctness can be defined by the right or left is not acceptable.

    The liberal media has been demonizing financial success for the right as a crime while the left elite continue to rob America. It is difficult to justify TAX against the rich because they bare rich.

    Hillary simply does not have a clue as to what reality might be other than we should all worship her???


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