Sharpton: Clinton still has work to do

by Pumabydesign001

Oct.5 2016

Barack Obama has dispatched Al Sharpton to get the Black vote out for Hillary Clinton.  Good luck with that Al.  Black folks are on to Sharpton who is also in it for the money.

Sharpton says that there is too much anti-Trump and not enough pro-interest. 

Of course, there’s no pro-interest, Clinton is all for self. 

For his part, Sharpton must be taught to talk when his mouth isn’t full.



Get the drift?

What’s she going to do? Give out Obama phones?

Sharpton is full of crap. Black voters came out en masse in 2008 and 2012 for Barack Obama n 2008 for one reason only.

Obama is Black (half anyway) and Black voters wanted their first Black president.

Hillary could talk herself with a twang until she’s blue in the face and carry all the hot sauce she wants in her pocketbook, a line Clinton lifted from Patti LaBelle and Clinton will NEVER fill the bill.

Of course, there is the matter of the 1994 Crime bill which broke up many Black families, Clinton’s super predator remark, the distribution of watered down drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI).

Then there is the disappearance of billions of dollars in of funds meant for Haiti, the jobs that never came, the broken promise to rebuild Port Au Prince and the contract in Haiti that went to donors of the Clinton Foundation by Bill Clinton, the UN representative for aid to Haiti.

Clinton funneled money into Haiti redirecting it back to the Foundation.



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2 Responses to Sharpton: Clinton still has work to do

  1. JAFC says:

    All this is leading up top some sort of violent cataclysm. But that’s what these cretins hope to create.


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