Clinton’s physician Dr. Lisa R. Bardack has an over all 2.5 of 5 performance rating as listed on her own website

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell,

September 11, 2016


Is there anything fishy about that?


If  you had the money that the Clinton’s do wouldn’t you get the best physician in the country?

Dr. Bardak’s site tells us she is board certified in Internal Medicine but fails to list where she did her fellowship to become a diplomat of the Board of Internal Medicine. 

Why might that be?

Source of Lisa Bardick’s ratings. (Source)



On further digging we are told  she trained at Cornell University to become a board certified internist. (Source)

She is listed as an assistant professor of medicine, the lowest category following associate professor and full professor.

For my money I would want the best, most qualified physician in the area treating me.  That’s how I chose my physician.

This could mean one of two things, she has cut her ties with academia, i.e. teaching hospitals or there are none in the area desirous of her qualifications.

Fake Clinton Medical Records: (Source)



For the sake of debate let’s suppose Hillary actually does have pneumonia, be it  staphlococcal, streptococcal, pneumococcal or other forms of bacterial pneumonia, viral or other forms course she is so inconsiderate  and such a narcissist she could care less about spraying her malady among those who serve her, her staff and the members of the Secret Service. (Source)



Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton got a clean bill of health from her doctor, fake medical records for Clinton are circulating on some conservative websites, purporting to show that she suffers from seizures and dementia.

Clinton’s longtime physician — whose name appears atop the alleged “leaked” documents — released a statement to calling the documents “false,” and reiterating her diagnosis that Clinton is “in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

bullshitThe fake records are making the rounds just as some in the conservative media have been blamelessly questioning Clinton’s health.  (Seriously?)

Among them was Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who played a tape of Clinton vigorously shaking her head in a manner he deemed “seizure-esque” (although neither of the medical experts on his program agreed). *** Categorically another misstatement.)

The doctored documents play off Clinton’s very real concussion in December 2012 — which caused her to suffer double vision for nearly two months starting in late 2012. But her longtime physician, Lisa Bardack, director of internal medicine, Mount Sinai Health System at CareMount Medical, says follow-up medical exams in 2013 “revealed complete resolution of the effects of the concussion.”

The fake documents, dated Feb. 5, 2014, which appear to have originated from a since-deleted Twitter account, purport to come from Dr. Bardack. But her title is wrong on the letterhead. 

Is it? Blame conservative websites or question why the letter was actually written in the first place. 

If it was, it was a gross breach of Hillary Clinton’s doctor patient privilege.

I use the words if and possible to avoid passing judgement on Dr. Bardak.

Seriously with Clinton’s propensity to lie, how difficult would it be for her to come up with a doctor, perhaps a friend to give Hillary an O.K.

Also of interest to me is there are no listing as of this date of other physicians who provided medical care to Mrs. Clinton??

Hillary Clinton has been ill with pneumonia, her doctor said Sunday evening in a statement. 

Dr. Lisa R. Bardack released a statement via the campaign revealing the diagnosis on Sunday evening, hours after the Democratic presidential nominee was seen stumbling on video after exiting a 9/11 memorial event early.

Bardack said Clinton had an examination at her home in Chappaqua after the incident.

The doctor said the incident Sunday was a result of dehydration and overheating and that the candidate is “re-hydrated and recovering nicely.” 

Clinton has experienced a cough related to allergies that gained attention last Monday, when she had a coughing fit at the start of a campaign event. Bardack said she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.
“She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and change her schedule,” Bardack wrote. 

Videos spread quickly online showing Clinton stumbling into a black van before leaving a memorial event early in New York City. 

Aides said Clinton was feeling “overheated” and left to rest at her daughter’s apartment.

Clinton emerged about 90 minutes later, telling reporters she felt great. She then was driven to her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., where her doctor performed an examination. 

Questions about Clinton’s health have swirled in recent weeks as Republican rival Donald Trump often questioned her stamina on the campaign trail. 

Trump said in an interview last week that he would release his full medical records if Clinton makes her records public.  

Sunday’s event has led reporters and others to demand she and Republican rival Donald Trump release detailed health records. 

Bardack, in a letter released last July, described Clinton as “healthy,” noting that her only medical conditions are hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies. 

The letter also noted a concussion Clinton sustained in 2012. 


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9 Responses to Clinton’s physician Dr. Lisa R. Bardack has an over all 2.5 of 5 performance rating as listed on her own website

  1. stevor says:

    if she has a 2.5 rating, that’s a good thing, though a 0.1 rating is more of what I’d like the rating for any doctor caring for shillary.

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    There are a few variables. The physician could be one who will write anything they are told to write. Hillary might have, for all we know, not pneumonia, but pulmonary edema, where her lungs are filling with water. Possible that if unchecked or protracted, the condition could be fatal. The only thing we know as fact is, the witch, has a doctor:

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  3. Dave the Differentiator says:

    What ever the problem, Hillary is sick and the question is “Can Hillary be cured?”

    This problem goes back over a year and if the cause is pneumonia then Hillary’s lungs are failing by now!


  4. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.


  5. Just Simply Linda says:

    There is no doubt that Shillary is a sick person. “What of/from”, is the mystery. There is just something odd and fishy going on.


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