It’s Genetical

crew-2231211Do you suppose his daughters will become metrosexuals and dedicate their lives to same-sex bathrooms?


I have no idea why I keep writing on this idiot, but some images are just to great to be left alone. HA


Though it has been said that homosexuality skips generations, in this case it might be unavoidable. (Source)




Image: by Earl of Taint

With Obama and Michelle their alleged parents, anything is possible.

If the Obama girls are of Obama spawn, then they come from the most shallow of gene pools, think one U.S. postage stamp deep.



After all, like the title of this article exclaims, ” It’s Genetical”

As a public service, if you are thinking about taking a nap in the D.C. area,remember fruits of various kinds fall directly from the tree.







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3 Responses to It’s Genetical

  1. JAFC says:

    Sexual interests/attractions/behaviors are a sliding scale, not a yes or hell-no! proposition. Don’t toss your best machinegunner to the wolves just because he and some other jock from another platoon are getting it on in town.


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    While the Obama family can make their own decisions, they do mnot get to make the decision for all of America.

    America is a free country and Obama needs to0 recognize that as his first clue that he has strayed off the path !


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